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    Hi everybody!
    I just uncover your fantastic plugins and I think that finally it could be exactly what I need. But before to buy a developer license, I would love to know from You if WP Project Manager and it Pro-Add-Ons can really do what I need …
    So …

    I want to build a web-based TRANSLATION COMPANY

    It means that I need:

    A Customer (Private) Area were customers can REGISTER and UPLOAD their own files, even BIG files somehow, and even many (let's say up to 10, for instance) …

    When a registered customer enter his personal area and uploads documents me or other administrators has to ASSIGN to him 1 or MORE Project Managers and 1 or more Translators. I mean, even an entire team up to 5 or more people.
    And Customer HAS to see in his private page this team and communicate with them from his front-end!

    Project Manager reads document and publish in the Customer Page a cost estimation, wich Customer need to accept and made a payment (here is an important point. because I need nt only PayPal, but I need to integrate payment for Visa, American Express and other cards as well as other internet-money payment systems. As more, as better … HOW CAN I DO THIS ??? Maybe integration with WooCommerce, for instance … or better to do not)

    Project manager and traslators, made the job. Customer reviews it and when job is finished he download all the file and (he or we ???) close the project!

    I do not know how to build an automatic cost estimator … or I mean, I can do it with Gravity Forms and build a generic page for a first estimation, which customer can use before to send files. Is there any incompatibility with Gravity Forms.

    My question are about:
    – Payment Systems;
    – Will we have a specific Project for any specific customer?
    – Your Registration Forms will be integrated with the WP ones?
    ETC ETC …

    I know, I am asking a lot …
    But if You understood what kind of web site I need to build, PLEASE … try to explain me WHICH plugins I need to have on it for any specific function and if I can use different plugin together (for instance again, do I need WooCommerce? I think I need, because I could need to TRACK documents sent via DHL or UPS etc … or for instance Gravity Forms, or MailChimp for news Letter etc) …




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    Hello Pietro,

    Project Manager plugin can meet almost all of your requirements but you may require bit customisation and need to be treaky.

    1. ONly Administrator and Editor can create New project. So, you have to set registered client's status as Editor to allow them to create new project(s)

    2. yes, Only Creator and who are assigned in to a project only them selves are able to view the project details.

    3. We already done invoicing system for few clients, however its not included on this free version and we have a plan to release a premium version where we will include invoicing system. Currently, there is no invoicing/payment system integrated here.

    4. Only Administrator/Editor can close the project. So, it could be either customer(editor) or your self (administrator)

    5. Haven't tested gravity form that way (cost estimator) yet. So, no idea. But, shouldn't be hard job to implement.

    i do understand what you are after. Unfortunately, at this stage this plugin can't offer you much but as free plugin it could be a great starting point for your project.

    – we may provide you the invoicing add-ons plugin for small fees, but it only supports Paypal. to implement paypal-pro or authorize.net shouldn't be that hard.

    – I can't see any point to use woo-commerce. Rather than that build your own shipment plugin which can be integrate with this as well.

    – Finally, i will suggest you to hire a developer to accomplish this project (unless you are not a developer your self). cause, no plugin will offer you the complete solution.


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    Hi Mahi …
    Thank You for the reply!
    Well … Actually I was not talking about your free version of your plugin but about the WP User Front-End-Pro …
    An important point to me would be the payment system …

    Can I and my developer add different payment systems such as Visa, American Express, etc etc ???

    Invoices are pretty important … I hope we will find a way for any type of invoice.

    I am thinking something important … About WooCommerce.
    I will need as well to Put some good in a cart and buy it!
    But I do not think we can build a full e-shop only with WP Project Manager + WP User Front End PRO … What then if I need to sell material goods ???

    Once again: MANY MANY THANKS

    PIETRO ^_^

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