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    chris haugen


    I'm looking for a drop shipping solution.

    I will have multiple vendors, and they will create certain products from a pre-defined product line(category list)

    for example T-shirts will have a base cost of $10 with a $5 commission and then the vendors markup

    I figured out that it is possible to set the $5 fixed commision by modifying this file: Please open wp-content/plugins/wedevs-dokan-plugin/includes/theme-functions.php and find '($order->order_total * $percentage)/100,' . Here all calculations accomplished. It could be a hints for you.

    can I set that commision to be specific per product?

    For T-shirts that vendors post I would like to charge a $5 commision.
    For posters I would like to charge a $3 commision
    For hats I would like to place a $6 commision.

    Is this possible???


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    Right now you can not set commission for each product. But we have plan to launch a feature to set commission for each and every product.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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