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    Steve Kim
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    Hi. So I posted the following question in WordPress Plugin page:


    So, after an extensive research, I am here asking for community help.

    I am building a site where user can post products from the frontend.

    I have used “WP user frontend”, ” WP-TYPES.”

    They all successfully create a product post when a submit button is pressed.
    (the product page is created).

    Now, here is the problem that I could not figure out.

    The newly created product is not shown in the category page. The only way for the product to be seen is when the product is “updated” from the backend.

    I noticed that “total_sale” field is not automatically generated when the product is produced from the frontend and must be updated in order to get this field.

    Has anyone experience with this issue? Any suggestion to the way around it?


    Then I got the following reply:

    Thats because you can't assign custom taxonomy (product_cat) from WPUF and can't assign the same meta key. You can follow this link that describes how to modify the plugin.

    Alternatively you could buy the premium version of the plugin which lets you add the ability of product category and custom fields (a hidden field in this case).

    Before I buy it, could you explain to me how the premium version can be used to fix this issue? I read the tutorial: http://docs.wedevs.com/woocommerce-with-wp-user-frontend-pro-tutorial-part-1/

    But it does not really explain how the issue can be fixed.

    Thank you in advance!




    Sekander Badsha
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    There is a meta key to make a product visible on catalogs and search pages. That is _visibility.
    You have to pass a value “visible” into that. As the frontend user has to do nothing, you can use the hidden field.

    And to use WooCommerce with User Frontend you must use the Pro version.


    Steve Kim
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    Thank you for the reply.

    So, I am thinking of purchasing the Pro and Dokan plugin at the same time.

    Now, I see that Dokan plugin has its own “edit” product page.

    Is there a way to use “WP user frontend pro” product edit page instead of “Dokan's Edit” page?
    For example, an user clicks “Dokan's product edit button”, then he/she is redirected to “WUFP”‘s edit page instead.

    The reason is that, Dokan's Edit page seems too complicated for the purpose of my shop.

    Is there a way to do it?



    Sekander Badsha
    Post count: 2067

    Hello Steve,

    The purpose of the two plugins are totally different. However you can use them together, but that would require customization. And as this is going to be complicated customization issue and we do not provide assistance in such case.

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