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October 7, 2014 at 12:16 pm in reply to: DOKAN THEME / DOKAN PLUGIN 28025
Albert Albert Albert Albert

Sorry to insist but i didn t spoke about support i spoke about your dokan plugin i heard that there were problem about respond time .  I saw that some customer complain about dokan respond time   Not your support  

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October 6, 2014 at 5:39 pm in reply to: DOKAN THEME / DOKAN PLUGIN 27995
Albert Albert Albert Albert

Hello Mahi,
thank a lot for your reply, but for the Point 2 i spoke about Dokan application which have maybe problem of responding time. Not for the support 🙂 For the support it’s ok .

Can you just confirm to me that there no knows response time problem ?

thank a lot.

September 19, 2014 at 8:06 pm in reply to: WooCommerce PDF Invoice 27046
Albert Albert Albert Albert

i just forget to ask you something about your response n° 3

3 Question : is it right that with DOAKN i can add additional fields (like size,coulor….) ?
Ans: These additional field is called attributes and variations. And yes, it’s possible.

ok, but in case of one attribute with 3 possible value, and the customer has to choice between 3 values ! is ti possible ?

Example : Attribute size
Value : S – L – XL
and with radio button the customer choose his size . is it possible ?

Appareance question :
is it normal that there are two empty positions at the bottom of the page for two more product ?

thank you.

September 14, 2014 at 9:57 pm in reply to: WooCommerce PDF Invoice 26794
Albert Albert Albert Albert

thank for your anwsers.
here below my remarks:

8 : ok for Paypal adptiv but in France, in Europe, there is a time where customer can send back their product and you have to send their money back. the time is for 7 days. so is it possible to configure 7 days before paypal send money to the seller ?

9 : i saw that you can automatically make that the seller put his product for selling, but to activate the account, is it automatic or manually ?

11 : is possible to have acceptance of termes using for the seller when they create an account ?
thank for your responses.

September 12, 2014 at 2:32 pm in reply to: WooCommerce PDF Invoice 26725
Albert Albert Albert Albert

ATTN: Sekander Badsha
Reply : #26693

i don’t know if it is the right place to ask you somes questions, because it’s been a long time that i search on the web an software wich can work, for my project.
My project is to make a marketplace the most automatic , without any manual intervention. I find a lot, a lot, a lot of software but there were always something important that the software could’nt make. it’s why it’s take me a long time. Sometime on magento plattform, sometime on other plattform, and miracle, i fall on your solution !!! on WordPress !!! great because i already know a little wordpress.
So i make some (a lot) tests with your solution, saw forum, saw documentation… but i have always a few problem or maybe question of customization.
I really would like to buy your software for my project, but i want to be sure that it’s corresponding to my project and to the french law.
just find below my analyze of your product.
First of all : it’s the most complete and easy solution to build a marketplace so i have to tell you in french “BRAVO” ” GREAT JOB”
just below some question.

1 is it right that DOKAN can assign shipping per seller or by product ?
2 in case of one buyer and multi seller, the shipping of each seller is additionnal on the order ?
3 is it right that with DOAKN i can add additional fields (like size,coulor….) ?
4 is it rieght that with only DOKAN you can see on the top menu “seller” and their shop with all of their products ?
5 i saw your solution with sub-order in case of multi seller, but with the woocommerce exelling, the customer receive about 3 mail with in the subject (for exemple) order number 150 and inside of the mail he can read order 151 and 152 (in case of multi seller) maybe it’s trouble! Can you do something to solve this?
6 If i give you the pluging used to create invoice, can you chack to see if it’s possible to introduce the information about the seller ? (see my prvious post)
7 DOKAN + woocommerce exelling together works without any other plugin or theme child ?
8 idea : will be possible to think to enable a Withdraw by order ? to be sure that you wait enough legal time before to paid the seller OR to be sure that you paid all orders ?
9 is it right that in registration, the seller could seller product but to activate the account, admin should validate this account ?
10 is right that after one year of license you have to paid 50% of the price to receive DOKAN UPDATE ?

i’m waiting for your feedback.

And thank a lot for your works and disponibility

Viewing 5 Topics - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)