I’ve used the Dokan marketplace plugin for years on and off.

TL;DR: It’s still the best marketplace plugin in my opinion, so it automatically gets 5 stars, but there’s still a long way to go to make it perfect. I will explain.

Also, in my experience, technical support has always helped me get to the bottom of my issues. Of course, I am happily paying a good amount yearly for the support and updates.

What I would LOVE to see: MORE CUSTOMIZATION in sellers dashboard/easier processes.

Example, there’s a lot of functions that seem counterintuitive and incredibly more difficult than needs to be:

– With paid marketplaces, I had to hire someone to make customizations to hide the sellers information in multiple areas, since it allows a lot of “leak” buyers purchasing off the website. There’s a lot of options for seller contact, I’d like the option to hide all this.

*** Setting up Shipping may be simple, but LOOKS extremely difficult to users. Please make this “look” easier for sellers + #1 = make it Required setup upon registering / it should be automatically enabled so sellers stop “accidentally” listing products with free shipping / a 3 step easy-to-setup process. It’s also hidden in the Settings, so new sellers will forget about setting it up.

– Add New Products, I think the short description in popup should be replaced with long description, so the main description area isn’t missing. A lot of sellers will post short description, then forget to edit in the main description, so it is blank. Also, you should be able to list all gallery pictures from the popup. Sellers forget to go back and edit the listing to add all the good stuff in.

– Product reviews: should be automatically enabled, but I was told this is issue with WooCommerce, so I’m not sure.

*** Seller reviews: I also am paying yearly for this plugin, but since it is crucial to marketplace success, I believe it should be a included stock feature, no need to pay extra, along with better features/design and emphasis placed on this section. Something similar to eBay’s feedback system. Buyers should get email reminders to leave seller reviews, ect. this would help our marketplaces a lot.

– Tracking Information and marking orders as completed: I think there should be email notifications or more emphasis put on this, so sellers are reminded to add it and complete the orders. Seems like admin has to manually remind sellers of a lot of stuff that should be done automatically.

OVERALL: it functions good and the team at weDevs are doing a great job, major cudos to them, hopefully they can add some of my ideas to make it amazing, cheers!