I have been using Dokan for 1.5 years.

It has come a long way, and so has their personal site and their commitment to keeping up with the times.

They always ensure to stay AHEAD of updates now. It is so much better to have a company that downloads WooCommerce upcoming developer edition than for them to wait until it is too late. The team at WeDevs is now staying ahead of the curve way ahead of time.

The time for service is fast. Early on, I used to have to complain too many times about an issue to be heard. I had some major subscription bug issues before and it would take forever for it to be fixed. They would hear the problem, and i would explain the problem, but the issue took forever to be fixed.

Those days are done. When there is an issue there is a resolution for the issue. They have grown as a company and always seem to respond very fast.

Their expansion of their products have really been gaining momentum.

I would like to see Dokan bring on WePay – WePay will outgrow Stripe, and I wish to See the team add WePay.

I think that the main reason customer service I feel is good is because of Mr.Nayem. He is dependable. For the whole time I have been on, I always seem to get Mr. Nayem. Very rare does he not have the immediate answer how to fix my problems. I have had other agents in the past that did not know. Every time I get a response from Mr. Nayem I feel very relieved to have him help me.

I like Mr. Nayem short answer no nonsense approach to assisting me.

I think I would not be here or renew subscription to Dokan if it was not for Mr. Nayem. Because of him I renew my Dokan and Extensions, and am willing to continue as long as he is around to listen.


This man I can tell cares very much. I care very much about my company, and I can tell Mr Nayem cares about me, my family, and my business. It shows in the way he approaches my concerns with very fast resolution.

I have had some issues with the site many times, and many times, they find the issue. This is what we need. Teamwork.

The issue i wish to see resolved ongoing forever

— Guys, your password reset for Login for WeDevs has been an issue forever. You need to fix the issue. When we are in the middle of site updates and forget our password and our site is down because of it, we don’t need to have a problematic time trying to get to our WeDevs dashboard for updates and extensions. This problem is old and must be fixed.

As for everything else,

I can say I used to feel like i was fighting to get help.

Now I know for the last 8-12 months that Dokan and Wedevs is a professional grade company I can rely on for my company, and I would say it openly. As I have here.

1) please immediately fix your login password reset on WeDevs
2) please add WePay – so necessary for the future it is the future compared to stripe
3) please continue the amazing good job you have been doing – been doing great and I am impressed with the “new feel” for your company for the past year as you have grown, so has professionalism.
4) Please – Make sure to Make ending a Recurring Seller Easier. When a Seller has products, please make it easier in the Dokan settings in backend. When I want to make a sellers products all disappear, I need to have it easier. Please have a button – Set all to Pending, and another Move All to trash, or something similar.
5) Need to have all products go to draft, or a forced vacation mode that cant be changed for sellers who are recurring who don’t pay on time, so that when they don’t pay on time (if recurring, not month to month or year to year) and they don’t pay on time all items go blank.
6) Need to have in Dokan – Easier way to Search for Seller Stores – A Seller must type their store name in the description for their store to show up in Ajax search. Not good. When someone has many stores in the market, one needs to be able to use search bar and Search for seller by name or store name
7) Review system – there is an easy solution to this that is being widely overlooked. it is an easy solution using the already product based reviews, however when there is only 1 in stock, a buyer cant easily find it. There is a simple solution for that to make a better review system that is being overlooked that we can discuss.
Need a simple button – Delete Seller and All Products
– Disable Seller and Products
– Take all Seller Product Offline

8) Dokan Seller Dashboard – I have nearly 450+ registered people. I need to do a simple Store search both in backend in the Dokan search bar, or also Search on the site.