Ihor @morkva.co.ua

I rarely leave feedback but this time I have to. 10 days I tried VC vendors, WC MArketplace and Dokan for my nabazari.in.ua project. I needed simple solution to start with so I can test my strategy and monetisation capabilities.
Firs I thought of free plugins but it took too much time to setup and customise. Free plugins work if you need a small feature, but in a case of a marketplace you won’t be shy about – better invest 200-300 USD and make it right from the start.
Of course I would need some customisation in future, but by then I will have a huge userbase and market value.
Thanks WeDevs for great plugin and fast support.

After 2.6 update I can not run my marketplace because of “bugs”. You guys should be more attentive when trying to catch up with latest WC 3 which is buggy too. You better test your new RC on x.3 build and then release new version.
People like me want reliability because 2 days of “out of service” means “out of business”

Will re-rate back to 5-star after bugs smashed.

Updated PHP to 5.6 and we’re running back! Thanks to the support.