Justin Phillips

Our company has been trying to develop a system where our clients could log in and see all of their files, on-going projects, be able to ask questions or start a new project. I tried every combination possible to get a “basecamp” like structure in wordpress, yet have a little more to offer. I almost had it the way I wanted and realized I had a big problem that would take a long time to re-code. After doing A LOT of research I found WP Project Manager. After using that and wanting more I found they had a pro version. After looking into the pro version and then all of the plugin addons for it, I had to get it, they all work perfect together and made my life easier! Go with the Developers License, as I think its the best deal, the priority support is amazing and to be able to ask a question and get an answer from an expert developer is too good to be true. I absolutely recommend wedevs and all of their products.

10 out of 10!