The Fastest Contact Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Quickly create rich contact forms to generate leads, take feedback, register visitors, receive event registration, publish quizzes, and flourish your imagination!

Features that make

weForms Stand Out!


It’s Blazingly Fast!

From mail uploading to file or automatic location sharing, our advanced field types can make any kind of feature customization work easily.


Form Templates for Quick Action

Just one click and your entire form is ready to be deployed! Create industry standard forms quickly with our predefined customizable templates to choose from.


Drag and Drop Form Builder

Design forms faster with our user friendly builder that lets you drag and drop form elements from the sidebar. What else can make form building easier?


Live Preview Form Designing

Get instant preview of how your form will look as you build or edit. The form builder responds and updates automatically to all changes you make so that you exactly know what your form will look like.


Mobile Responsive Forms

Create contact forms that work on desktop or any portable device! No more losing potential submissions just because the device failed to render the form upon need.


Add reCaptcha for Extra Security

Block the nasty spammers by adding reCaptcha to your forms, one of the most accepted online spam detection tool from Google.


Sync Email data with MailChimp, MailPoet & Email Campaign

Get our Pro package to directly import contacts received through your forms into your mail subscriber list. Start sending mails to your leads!


Multi-part/Multi-step Forms

Contact form getting too long? Remove unnecessary confusion and break your form into several segments with this feature. Available for Basic users onwards.


Customizable Email Notifications

Stay alert with submissions. Create multiple custom notification settings on each form with advanced mail forwarding and quickly create templates with hooks.


Form Entry Restrictions & Scheduling

Allow only a limited number of entries to be submitted or limit users to enforce control on your form. Very effective for creating exclusive campaigns.


Form Expiry Time

Create forms that automatically disappear after the time you want. Pretty handy for program registration portals.


Form Redirection

When a contact completes the form, you can redirect with a custom link or a page to guide the contact to the desired landing page. Very useful when you want to direct the visitor's attention.


More than 23 Field Types to Choose From

From mail uploading to file or automatic location sharing, our advanced field types can make any kind of feature customization work easily.


Conditional Logic

Want your forms to be smarter and adapt by predicting the user’s behavior? Upgrade to Basic pack to add conditional logic based form adaptations to each of your fields. Gather more specific information with your contact forms.


Geolocate Contact

Let your contacts add their current location automatically by using Google Maps integration into your forms. This effectively improves the performance of your forms if you are upto delivery service.


Anti Spam Protection

What happens when hackers target your contact forms with spam? Stop them before they reach you! weForms is well equipped to defend you against such nuisances.


Manage Submissions

Easily access the contacts generated by your forms and import them into a CRM or Email Marketing tool for supercharging your business and grow subscribers!

The Fastest Form Builder Plugin for WordPress!