This Is How Forms Should Work

weForms comes with features that are simple yet so powerful that you will feel like “Why is it so easy?”

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Build The Most Amazing Forms, Fast

Fastest Form Builder

Blazingly fast form builder with drag & drop features. Also comes with live preview options

Select a Template

Pre Built Templates

weforms comes with 25+ pre built templates to save your valuable time. Spend time on the things that matters most.

Support For Modules

16+ available modules to make the experience even better. From MailChimp to Salesforce it includes some of the most popular names.

Customizable Custom Fields

Use 33+ custom fields in your forms. Along with complete customization options over your fields

Responsive Forms

Now, you don’t have to worry about your forms not suited for multiple resolutions. Create forms that are responsive enough to handle any screen.

Multiple Step Forms

weForms comes with the ability to create multi step forms to make. Thus it makes it easier for your user to fill out a form

Configure Your Forms To Your Imagination

Use Anywhere, Anytime

Use the shortcode for forms built with weForms anywhere in your site. No restrictions on the time & place.

Conditional Logic

Apply conditional logic to your forms to make it more interactive. Set certain conditions based on certain events/actions.

Modules For Configuration

Use Built-in modules to make your forms even more functional. Give your users a different experience from the rest

Google Maps Support

Use the popular Google Maps in your forms. Simply set the API keys and start using


Take payments from directly your forms. It’s makes the process a lot easier for the users.

Redirect To Any Direction

In your form settings you will find option to redirect your users anywhere you want them to.

Conditional Restrictions

Want to restrict certain users on certain conditions? Easily do that using simple built-in settings

Anti-spamming Features

Keep away spammers using reCaptcha verification, anti spamming features. No need to rely on something else

Import From Others

Don’t worry if you were using something else. Easy importing options let you start from where you left.

Expiry Dates

Set an expiry date for your forms for automating your work. Choose your time, date and start collecting submissions.

Most Powerful Form Data Analyzing Options

Take Your Data With You

Export submitted data information for your own usage in multiple formats. No need to rely only on weForms.


Trouble keeping up with payment in other form builders. See all the transactions that happen using your forms in real time in a list.

Customized Email Notification

Get customizable email notification for each user submission. It is completely built-in with weForms so you don’t need to rely on others.

See All Your Entries

A separate Entries menu section inside weForms to follow up everything. View, analyze in a more streamline manner.

Submission Management

Manage submissions from your forms right inside WordPress. Get complete details of what was submitted, where, and how

Integration Support

Send data to your favourite platforms using integrations. Combine all your favourite appplication and make for an amazing experience

weForms Plays Nice With Others Too. Check Out Some of It’s Premium Modules

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