A quickfix on WP User Frontend Pro – v2.1.10

WP User Frontend Pro didn't see any update in months, but no need to worry about that. We are working on some pretty big enhancement on the Pro version. Conditional logic, big updates on subscription feature, coupon codes with some performance improvements on the works.

But as it requires some time to do the release, I thought to fix those bugs on that version. But as we are getting some complains already, here's a quick bugfix release with v2.1.10 has been pushed just now.

* [fix] Password meter fix
* [fix] Insert Photo 3.9 compatibility fix on tinyMCE
* [fix] Multiple duplicated form elements on the editor
* [fix] Password repeat bug fix when no repeat field is there

But we are pretty excited with updates coming on the new version – v2.2. Lets hope for the best.

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  • Alex


    Great – looking forward to v2.2!

    Hope you don’t mind if I slip in a suggestion, but adding a way for theme developers to customize the form templates would be a big help 🙂


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