WP Project Manager

You Can Work Faster with the Updated Project Manager

We are on a dive to make you reach your goals faster and while doing so, we also want to keep your housekeeping time as short as possible. Which is why, your favourite project management solution for WordPress, the WP Project Manager is going through an overhaul to become even faster and more reliable for teams.

Customer Relationship

9 Proven Ways to Create Sustainable Customer Relationship for eCommerce

With the growing number of people taking advantage of eCommerce businesses today and the mammoth number of product and service choices that customers are always bombarded with, it has become more essential than ever to set your business and brand apart from other competitors. Customer relationship thus becomes a valuable asset where you can work on. Building long lasting relations with your clients and users is one of the best ways to do this through. There are many failings and barriers eCommerce owners face during interactions with their customers due to the sheer number of users and lack of face to face…

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Contact Form Powered by WP User Frontend

If you live WordPress, it is no surprise that WP User Frontend is one of the most popular form builder plugins out there. The best thing about it is that it played a big role in making frontend posting easily possible on WordPress powered sites. So far many of our users have thanked us saying that the plugin is saving them a lot of hassle! We feel very happy when we get such acknowledgment. But believe me when I say we do not want to become complacent. We love to push ourselves beyond our limit to create awesome solutions that make life…

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Live Preview Form Builder Added to WP User Frontend

A graphic builder is better than a textual builder. For example, you would definitely prefer the visual post editor over the text editor on WordPress just because it makes the typing experience easier. But what is better than a graphic builder? A live builder. This is currently considered the best kind of builder recent web technology can offer – and now, WP User Frontend’s graphic builder has been updated with a live builder. Cheers to all! **Scroll down to the bottom to find out the next upcoming feature.** How does this work? Ever heard of the phrase “what you see is what you…

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[Winners Announced!] 4 Years of weDevs: Big Discount & Giveaway

It has been 4 years since we launched as a company and we are humbled to see where weDevs has come. On 18th March 2017, we are celebrating our anniversary with a bigger plan to give back as a display of respect for our well wishers. We have designed a giveaway for our clients and a disco unt for anyone who wants to get any solution from us. But on that soon, I am getting a little emotional here and so I will talk shortly about the journey.

google docs wordpress

[Tutorial] How-To Save Google Docs Drafts as WordPress Posts

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just draft your content from Google Docs and save it to WordPress site with a simple click? This is a largely helpful because when you want to collaborate with people quickly who do not have access to your website. You could just tell them to share it via Google Docs and then you can import it into your WordPress site in a second. WordPress.com for Google Docs Add-on Thanks to Automattic, they released an add-on for Google Docs that allows you to compose and update any blog post for WordPress sites. We all know Google Docs is…

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Dokan Free and Pro are Getting Separated

Before hitting the update button on your Dokan PRO powered site, read this post. We are going to make some changes to Dokan (actually in the file structure) that will require an update but make things easier for all our present and future users. Don’t be alarmed, you will only need to update your plugin once and everything else would remain unaffected.

WPML Multilingual Support on Dokan Now Available!

Finally, you can have the marketplace where customers can browse in their own language! Dokan is now announced compatible by the WPML team! Why Multilingual Marketplaces are on high demand? When your marketplace is global, it is kind of imperative that you can offer them the site and the features of your marketplace in their native language. This kind of localization creates a sense of trust and familiarity. With this in mind, say if your marketplace is in English, it is still not read or spoken by many people from many different countries. So, the chances are, if a customer…

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