wordpress quiz using weForms

How To Successfully Create Quiz Using weForms

Content marketing is the most effective strategy in the world of digital marketing. These days marketeers are increasingly engaging in the battle to make their content stand out from the crowd. As things get more digital and people become tech savvy, a new challenge arises for the content marketeers. How to create contents that stand out in the crowd? There are certain ways and approaches definitely. But we came across a surprising stat about the nature of the contents: Engaging and interactive contents result in more than 4 times views than static contents. The case for engaging contents is supported…

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Different Ways of Translating WordPress Plugins to Other Languages

Most WordPress developers use the English language when developing plugins. What should you do if you are using other languages on your site? You will need to translate the plugins to the language that you are using. Translation is a common thing in WordPress. Thanks to the open source nature, you can customize almost anything. Thus, translating a plugin to another language is not impossible. In this article, we are going to show you different ways of translating WordPress plugins. This will be mostly a technical post, so you will need to follow the steps just like a tutorial. Pre-Step:…

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Lets Have A Look At The Most Downloaded WordPress Plugins: Part I

There are thousands of WordPress plugins all over the internet. Though most of them are really useful in one way or another; only a handful of them have their own legacy. These plugins have contributed massively in the journey of WordPress and helped the platform to become what it is today- adored and respected by the netizens. In this write-up, we want to make you familiar with some of these plugins. This is going to be a series of write-up, in each part we intend to cover some stats and insights about most downloaded plugins. We fetched the stats from…

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weForms Pro Personal Free

How to get weForms Pro Personal Package for FREE

Contact forms, one of the most common elements within a website, need your attention! You may say, WHY? Well, they are very important because they create a bridge between you and your users/visitors. You can effectively communicate with them using contact forms. In WordPress, contact forms are very easy to make using form plugins. You can go through our detailed blog post on how to create a contact form without any coding. weForms is the fastest and easiest contact form plugin in WordPress. It can create useful forms including contact forms, support forms, event forms etc. within seconds. It also…

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Top WordPress Caching Plugins Compared- Which One Are You Using?

If you are a tech savvy website owner, I’m sure you understand the importance of page loading speed. And if you have a WordPress powered website, you probably know that WordPress offers some exclusive caching plugins to speed up a WordPress hosted site. Caching is a critical aspect of website’s performance, since it can greatly improve loading time. In simple terms, a caching plugin creates a static version of your site. When a visitor lands on your website, the plugin serves the static version instead of forwarding all the requests to the server. The end result is that the website…

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WordPress Contact Forms

7 Game Changing Practices for your WordPress Contact Forms

What do we usually consider when creating a website? The contents, images, gifs, animations, writing, hosting and domains, copywriting, adwords, and so much. However, a colourful webpage with all the right elements, features, architecture and copywriting would still fall apart without a well-structured and designed contact us page. That’s right. Most websites underestimate the value of contact forms. Whether you have a business website or a personal blog, it is incomplete without contact forms. Because it helps your users reach out to you at any time while visiting your site. Why you need contact forms: it enriches your website look,…

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Things to Review when You have Completed Your Project

Every project has their own resources, team and also allocated time. If you are acting as a project manager and responsible for any ongoing project, you will definitely need to complete it before deadline whether it is successful or not. The main objective of project management is project completion, but that’s not the end of story. You should review your to-do list and completed tasks. Then, take initiative to solve ongoing problems and prepare lessons for the upcoming projects. This will not only help you to understand project management better but also help your team to become motivated. Thus, the…

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create contact form

Create A Simple Contact Form for Your WordPress Site

Forms are very useful for your website as they help users to interact with you easily. This method of communication helps to build potential leads for your business. You might have tried different types of contact forms previously on your website. Today, we are going to show you how you can easily create a contact form with a single click and manage the submissions on the go! Before that let me tell you why forms are important for your website when you have already provided your email address for communication. Well, the truth is your users may not have the…

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dokan bookings

Dokan Bookings Extension brings Transformational Value to WooCommerce

The hustle-bustles of online businesses are a hassle to tackle smartly. Success happens when you have all the right tools in hand for making it big. In today’s markets, service products are highly in demand. There is a surge in services and service-related products in several different industries in the world. It’s not just about buying and selling manufactured products anymore. Magic happens when you can sell bookable products on your eCommerce. And now we have the perfect tool for it. Sell service-able products in your WordPress eCommerce plugin with the perfect extension – Dokan Bookings. What is Dokan Bookings?…

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Social media growth hacks

Growth Hacks To Evolve Your Startups Using Social Media

Don’t you wish that you could grow your small business faster like Pokémon Go? Despite the fact that you might not have the marketing budget to drop the expansion right after you spend all of your funds to initiate your small business. That’s where you look for the strategies, tools or hacks to promote your business and generate some leads without spending much! Social Media Is All About Paid Ads? Let me assure you one thing first: social media doesn’t really care much about your marketing budget. The basic goal is to reach to the potential consumers and grow your…

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wordpress security plugins

Stay Safe Using Top WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security is an important issue for any site owner. Thus, concern admins regularly try to secure their websites using different techniques and tools. This potentially ensures that unauthorized people cannot assess or manipulate valuable data. However, it’s true that you cannot always secure your website. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to forging website security. If you can take the pain, you will be able to secure your site from most of the undesirable incidents. Besides that, you will eventually need to pay for the tools you are planning to use for security purposes. Whether you are…

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free contact form plugin

weForms – The Fastest Free Contact Form Plugin for WordPress is Here!

WordPress is evolving and also bringing major technological changes in its ecosystem. Vue.js is a progressive and incrementally adoptable JavaScript framework. You can easily make any application extremely fast with this framework. Most importantly, it can be effectively used within WordPress. We thought – why not test it? So, we introduce the fastest contact form plugin built with vue.js and it has made the interface unbelievably fast. Now, you can create different types of forms for your WordPress site with a single click and within a single page. It’s really exciting that how vue.js makes the interface of a WP…

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