register guest users

How To Register Guest Users on WordPress

Now that you know how to take guest posts and let contributors manage from frontend, you may be wondering if there are further ways you can utilize the contributors to your site for your business. You may wonder there may be more ways a guest can benefit you. The good news is we have an idea for you – register guest users! Why Register Guest Users? As the owner of a business, you clearly do not want to miss out on golden opportunities that can help grow your venture. Because you never know when you hit the Jackpot through your users, even…

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Amazon Prime Subscription Service

You Could Sell Subscription Based Services Like Amazon Prime

When it comes to eCommerce, Amazon is a benchmark brand. But what makes it so special? – We asked ourselves. It certainly didn’t come all this way overnight. We pointed out the specific breaking point that triggered the chain fusion which lead Amazon to its current heights. Among the many obstacles of a successful ecommerce platform they solved one like a boss. They introduced a subscription based service that offered users with a various range of benefits for a monthly or yearly price. Now it has become the backbone of their industry. What is Amazon Prime? It is a subscription service platform…

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Best File Manager on WordPress

The Best WordPress File Manager to Get Your Projects Done!

There are plenty of project management solutions all over the internet. Many of them may appear feature rich and user-friendly, but you never know, looks can be deceptive. At some cases, you might think you are getting a great value for your money. Then after you start using it, you might find out this solution does not provide some of the features very essential to get your projects done. At this stage, you have probably started to feel confused. What should you look for when you are considering to buy a project management solution? Let me share my two cents before I…

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online marketplace

Secrets to Boost the Popularity of Your Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces are growing fast and turning out to be a potential platform for business owners. Although there are thousands of marketplaces on the web, not all of them becomes successful. One of the most important factors that should be considered in case of having a competitive marketplace, is the ‘Popularity’. Yes, your marketplace needs to be popular for standing out in the crowd. It might sound harsh, but it’s the truth! So, if you are planning to open a marketplace or already own one, you should think about making it big, popular, and competitive. Before I tell you the…

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guest post

How To Take Guest Posts and Submissions from Frontend

You have a personal or agency site where a lot of people visit regularly for your content. Over time you have developed a follower base who wants to work with you too. So recently, you have come up with the idea to expand your site’s activity with guest posts. If you have considered keeping the backend access all to yourself but want guests to post blogs, images, videos and all other sort of contents on your site, then there is no alternative of a frontend posting solution. Whether you have your site on WordPress or not, a suitable WordPress guest posts…

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Easy Project management

Managing Projects Made Easy with WP Project Manager!

Anyone who has been assigned to manage a project for even once knows how demanding this job is. You need to deal with loads of complexities related to task planning, resource allocation, team collaboration, update management and so on. Project managers are often seen as the whiny person always complaining about things around them. This is because s/he is required to deliver too many tasks at a very short time.  It is also their job responsibility to talk to each team members individually about their requirements, plans, task priorities and execution updates.  How About Solving All These Problems Easily? What if we could minimize this hassle for…

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Multivendor Store with Cloudways

How I Increased the Speed of my Multivendor Store with Cloudways

We at weDevs, the provider of best multivendor marketplace Dokan, have been trying to provide the most convenient solutions from beginning. Thus, we have been trying to focus on different aspects besides our own plugin for helping our users. While you are doing business with your multivendor marketplace, speed is one of the most important elements that can get you success. Researchers have found out that website owners have only 7 seconds to grab attention of their visitors. While that is addressed, Page-speed is also one of the ranking factors. Websites on desktops with a decent internet connection should load in…

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Best Ecommerce solution- WooCommerce

Not Using WooCommerce to Build Your Ecommerce Website? Think Again!

If you are planning to start your ecommerce business, the first hurdle that you will come across is selecting the website platform. Why? Because this is the pillar of your business. When the pillar is not built wisely, the structure might collapse any time. This is why you need to be pick the right platform for your ecommerce. Creating a self managed online store is not a rocket science for regular users. You do not need to be super techie or have a degree in computer engineering for that. If you can pick the right ecommerce engine for your website, it will do more…

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Why and How to add Frontend Submission for WooCommerce

If you have a listing site, or a website where you want to host products from other people, one of your biggest concern must be the product submission process. Is it alright the way users are adding product from the admin area? Or, should you get a frontend solution for them? Let me give you some food for thought. Why do I need the Frontend? In most of the cases, vendors find the backend area too complicated. It is possible that you have added a number of features some of which needs tech savvy people to handle. If the users could…

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online marketplace like eBay

Create an eBay-like Marketplace Using Dokan Multivendor

If you are reading this you probably have thought about making your own customized online marketplace like eBay. On eBay, everyone can be a seller and a buyer simultaneously. Also consider the fact that auctions are way more attractive than ordinary sales. For buyers and bidders, auctions create a sense of curiosity which make people more vigilant towards the product they like. All to the advantage of the seller, the buyer often ends up purchasing at a higher price than they thought of initially. Since bidders compete simultaneously for the product, it’s always a winning situation for the seller. The…

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