Are These Costly Marketplace Mistakes Killing Your Startup?

Online stores and marketplaces are mushrooming all over the world and replacing the traditional “brick and mortar” businesses. Digital technology is continuously shaping the way people buy and sell products and services as it offers greater convenience to both the parties. Last year, the turnover of global B2C (Business to Consumer) eCommerce market was an astonishing 2671 billion dollar! So it is only natural for an entrepreneur or budding trader to go for a slice in this huge cake and start their own online store or marketplace. So if you are someone who want to start his own marketplace startup,…

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SaaS vs Open Source

SaaS vs Open Source: What is Right For Your Ecommerce Business?

Should I go with SaaS or start building with an Open Source solution, what is right for my ecommerce business? If you have been suffering from burning questions like these – then this is the perfect SaaS vs Open Source post to read. SaaS vs Open Source or hosted vs self-hosted has been a long running doubt among the people who are trying to start their first eCommerce store or sales portal. It’s about time we put an end to your worries by making a comprehensive comparison. After going through our facts and arguments, I hope you will clearly see…

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Must have free WordPress plugins

Must Have Free WordPress Plugins for Your Site in 2017

WordPress is the best open source CMS system world has to offer at the moment. If you have installed or used WordPress for at least once, you have surely noticed it has thousands of plugins. These plugins offer various functionalities that make your website even more powerful. Eventually, you can turn your WordPress site into an application to perform tasks that were unthinkable before! There are more than 40,000 (Forty Thousands) FREE WordPress Plugins in You may have thought about these awesome plugins and became confused wondering which plugins you should use? Let’s shake hands; you are not alone,…

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best project management software

Best Project Management Software On The Web In 2017

There are numerous industry-leading and best project management software in the market meant for all types of company sizes. These solutions run differently on different platforms. For example, there are hosting solutions, cloud applications and also self-hosted ones. So, how do you differentiate between the these and how do you know which one is better than the other? Cloud-Computing Vs. WordPress While Cloud-Computing software can be cheaper in sense of hosting own servers, there are other platforms such as WordPress. It is now the number 1 CMS (content management system) and has a significant growth rate. Besides that, it is…

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Best Frontend Plugin WordPress

Best Frontend Plugin for WordPress – Feature Review

Backend editing has always been a hassle for general users. Besides that, it causes uncertainty, security and privacy issues in many cases. To overcome these limitations, Frontend editing and also posting has become very popular these days. It may seem very common to you, but Frontend Posting has proved to be a wonderful concept specially for WordPress. It’s very effective because collaborative work keeps your website active. If you are planning to create a site where your users can submit their content without accessing the WordPress admin panel, frontend posting and editing is a must.  Apart from that, there are many…

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Test Your Basic WordPress Knowledge With These Quiz Questions!

Who doesn’t like to play QUIZ on their favorite topic? It’s a great way to test your own knowledge. And When there is a chance to win prizes, it is even more difficult to resist! So Here You Go. We present you with another opportunity to earn free stuffs from weDevs! How Can You Take Part Play this quiz and score your best. Use the email sharing button at the bottom of the quiz to send your quiz results to  Alternatively, you can share your result on Facebook or Twitter and tag weDevs in the post. [ But we will still…

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Marketplace Vendor Management Through Dokan Subscription Extension

More and more people are building their own multi-vendor marketplace as it is a great way to make money online. These days you do not need much technical expertise to get started. A quality multi-vendor plugin offers so much convenience that you just need to focus on your business plans and execution strategies. But easier said than done, right? As the owner of a marketplace, you are essentially managing a revenue generating team that primarily includes your vendors. So you must to use your tech solutions in such a way that boosts up efficiency and profitability. In this write-up, I…

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Shopify vs Dokan

Why Building a Dokan Marketplace is a Better Idea than Launching a Shopify Store

The latter is lucrative, but you fear if you are ready for the big task. Owning a marketplace gives you a bigger earning scope and more control – a total level up of everything. On the other hand, Shopify seems to do most of the hard work, keeping it easy for you. But the cost may still bug you. Probably you will never have peace of mind until your business fly high, any way around. Start Easy with Shopify Store or Try to Become Shopify itself – A Common Dilemma But choosing the right platform for your business is the…

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WP Project Manager Free and Pro Just Got Separated

To make things easier and provide you the best user experience, we have decided to separate Free and Pro modules of WP Project Manager. We did the same with Dokan Multivendor Marketplace previously and our users really liked this. We believe that our users of WP Project Manager Pro will also get the benefits when they update to the most recent version. From now on, all new and future users will need to install both Free (Core) and Pro plugin to make the solution functional. Don’t worry about these changes, this will not harm your website at all. You just…

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customer trust

Is Customer Trust Really the Determining Factor for your eCommerce?

Why is it that so much emphasis is placed on developing customer trust and good consumer relationships for eCommerce business? Research finds that: 67% of consumers trust a purchase on a familiar online marketplace even if the retailer selling the product is unfamiliar to them. If customers had a satisfactory experience, 54% will return to buy from the same marketplace again. The reason being they trust the marketplace. With the continually emerging and evolving online marketplaces, one of the known ways to stay sustainable in the eCommerce ecosystem is to develop long lasting and reliable relationships with customers. There are…

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Wordpress Kanban Board

What’s New in Kanban Board v2.2

Managing tasks has never been so easy, thanks to Kanban board. It is a must have tool for any company who has to deal with lots of projects and tasks every single day. WP Project Manager has this ultimate extension in its arsenal so that you can manage tasks based on their status. If you are already using Kanban Board add-on, you may know it is follows the popular Kanban method of project management. Using this tool, you can easily manage your tasks in different board and modify them anytime you want. WP Project Manager Kanban Board v2.2 We have…

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WordPress Discount Offers

Best 4th of July Deals on WordPress – 20% off on weDevs!

4th July is only two days away and we would like to wish all out American friends, users, readers and subscribers a Happy Independence Day! Many companies are already holding special discounts and offers to make this day more special. Just like Cyber Monday, Black Friday and holiday deals, we have prepared this blog post to make sure you don’t miss the amazing offers of Independence Sale for WordPress 2017. If you are not an American, it doesn’t mean you can’t take the advantage of this happy occasion. This could be a great opportunity for you as well to get…

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