WP User Frontend Pro Version 2.2.4 Released

weDevs today released version 2.2.4 of WP User Frontend Pro plugin. If you're using the plugin on your site, you are requested to update the plugin to the latest version as soon as possible.

WP User Frontend Pro v2.2.4 Release Notes

  •  [new] Image/video caption added
  •  [fix] Subscription pack assignment bug
  •  [fix] dollar sign in coupon listing
  •  [fix] coupon date problem
  •  [fix] required fields was not working
  •  [fix] posts would decrease on subscription
  •  [fix] login override off by default

How to Update the Plugin

You can update your WP User Frontend plugin just like you update a regular plugin from Dashboard. Alternatively you can log in to your weDevs account and download the updated version of the plugin from your dashboard.

As you can see the new version introduces one new feature and various bug fixes so it's highly advised that you update your WP User Frontend Pro plugin to the latest version.

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