Biggest sale ever on Cyber Monday !


On coming 1 December Cyber monday we are offering 50% Off on all our plugins and themes.

Coupon code is: Cyber-monday-2014

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One Day Only, don't miss out!

This sale will run from 12:00am 1 Dec 2014 (AEDT) through to 6:00pm 2 Dec 2014 (AEDT) exclusively. No further discounts, coupons, or offers can be used in conjunction with this promotion.


  • Orthos


    I previously purchased WP Front End Pro. Is the upgrade for that program a part of the sale on December 1st? If so, can you tell the process for purchasing the upgrade. I have looked for it on your website in the past, but never found it.

    Also, could you please tell me whether WeDevs has any plan for creating a child theme for Dokan for the sale documents or other digital products? The layout of the current default version and child theme seem more suitable for physical products than for documents or digital products.

    If so, I would certainly have interest in also purchasing the Dokan plugin.


    • Mahi


      – sorry this coupon will not apply to renew your license. it is for New sales only.

      – Currently, we do not have any concern about child-theme. But, on next year we will move on that part

      – Dokan’s Digital Download version will be released on next year as well.

      Thank you.

  • Sunit


    Hi folks,

    For some reason, I’m not able to apply the coupon for WP Frontend Pro. Even though, I’m well within the time period. Using it for new license purchase, FYI. Any help?


    • JE


      I am having the same issue as Sunit. The coupon should still be in effect for the next 11 hours but it is not working.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.

      Thank you.

      • Mahi


        Coupon should work fine now.

        Thank you.

  • bigtom


    The coupon code is not working and says it is expired. I am very much trying to purchase within the time period. Not renewing anything. Just does not work at all. Hope to hear from you very soon.

  • Dustin


    When will the coupon code start working? I would like to take advantage of the offer!

  • Mahi


    Sorry for inconvenience guys. Coupon been re-activated again. Enjoy…

  • Brenda


    The coupon was never re-activated. Please PM me I’d like to purchase 3 Dokan add-ons with the coupon.

    • Mahi


      You are late friend. Offer been expired. Thank you.

      • Brenda


        Lord help me for thinking that a USA phenomena “Cyber Monday” would be active for all of the real “Cyber Monday” in the USA! It wasn’t

        I see now that for some reason you used Australian timezone. Huh? They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving, a US holiday.

        That prompted me to go to Wikipedia to research Cyber Monday

        And there I learn that indeed it’s a US holiday though others around the world have picked various dates to call Cyber Monday.

        PS Next year, try for keeping it during the US (origins of Cyber Monday) holiday 🙂

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