30+ Fully Compatible Themes for Dokan Multivendor at ThemeForest

ThemeForest have added a tag “Dokan” just for us, But that's already an old news. What is exciting is that from 5 themes several months ago, now they are listing 15+ themes with the Dokan tag. Now that's a jump we are talking about.

These themes are fully compatible with Dokan Multivendor. Some of them are even Bootstrap supported, look out specially for those ones.

Why is </bootstrap> important?

Dokan is designed natively on Bootstrap. So if you are using a theme, like Dokan, which is bootstrap compatible, you will have full freedom to customize. Also, it is more likely that these themes will not conflict in style when you apply them even without customization. You can fully customize other themes too, but that will just take a little more effort.

WPML Support

Dokan is now WPML ready and the extension will be rolled out next week (Jan 2017). So, this is the best time to pick up a WPML supported theme for your marketplace!

To save your time, we are posting screenshots of the themes directly in this post

Or, You can check all the themes by clicking here!

1. Marketo

This responsive theme is suitable for electronics, organic, fashion and, multivendor stores. It has a great design and 9 different homepages. Slider Revolution is also integrated into this theme so you can edit the banner according to your requirements. Besides that, it is completely Elementor friendly and it's a great thing for non-developers.

2. Unicase

This theme has revolution slider and visual composer built in! It is also responsive and comes in 5 different header styles.


3. Gon

This theme is also responsive and has everything, but probably not a visual composer. They said about a page builder though. I saw some high ratings about their 6 months free support.


4. ShopMe

This theme has a lot of setting and 6 different layout styles – slider and composer included. But I felt this theme is more chaotic out of the box than the others.


5. Baggies

If you want to sell bags, then this theme is super-cool. You can sell other things too! It has a very unique tile like design.


6. LeCrafts

This is a beautifully tailored theme for selling clothing and fashionable stuff.


7. Flatastic

A heavy duty theme for an active business. Comes in several templates for several business profiles.


8. Mediacenter

A really fast and minimal distraction theme suitable for selling electronics, computers etc. Comes in two header styles and 26 PSD templates. Composer, slider and live search included.

media center

9. Marketica

I very strong theme and one of the oldest compatible ones. Has support for everything including translations and child theme.


10. EmallShop

This is absolutely a new theme and already has quite some positive reviews. They are offering 6 months of free support. And EmallShop is damn cheap at only 39$!

11. Sanzo

Developed by Skygroup, this is a WPML supported theme with 9 homepage layouts. Check it out!

12. Electro – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

As its name suggests, this theme is excellent for selling electronics. This has 10+ templates inside.

13. Shopier

This theme has 15+ templates! Now that's something to check out. The features I liked about this theme is that it has drag and drop add to cart, multiple header and footer styles.

14. Ekora

This is a neat flat style theme with a lot of white space. I love it! Also, this is WPML supported.

15. Woosome

Can we call Woosome awesome? Yes we can! But it still needs some work on it. But it is very cheap!

Thank you! Add more themes and mail us!

A big thanks to the designers who have worked hard, invested precious time and created these themes with great creativity. We are very encouraging towards theme developers because we regularly refer them to our customers and always look for more themes. Often we take feedback about themes from customers.

Also, when you add a theme, you can directly mail us, we will add your theme to this blog.

If you want to develop themes for Dokan and need any technical query designing or have questions, feel free to knock us at support@wedevs.com

Or, this doc can also come in handy.


  • Mao



    Great news ! Never-the-less it seems that Dokan plugin is not compatible with WPML translation plugin.

    Is there any chance to make Dokan working with WPML?

  • Warren


    I don’t believe Envision WordPress theme is compatible with Dokan is it? I’ve had quite a few compatibility issues with it.

    This is an excellent system btw.


    • Nayem


      Hello Warren,

      If the Envision theme is WooCommerce compatible then it will work fine with Dokan. Sometimes it creates CSS issue on the vendor store page which can be fixed by adding some custom CSS.

      Also, thank you very much for your great feedback about our plugin 🙂

      • Renato


        Nem todo tema woocommerce é compatível. Mas sem dúvida dokan é o melhor plugin, incomparável.

  • Basson Engelbrecht

    Basson Engelbrecht

    Dokan is supposed to be compatible with Zass theme as well. Everything works fine, except that products are displayed HUGE on vendor view. I have tried contacting support for help on perhaps a custom code – but they seemed to have forgotten about me.

  • Daniel J

    Daniel J

    We have a compatibility issue with the follow theme https://themeforest.net/item/space-minimalist-clean-woocommerce-theme/13450223

    I there a remedy for this?

    • Daniel J Morris

      Daniel J Morris

      What can be done about my issue?

      • Nayem


        @Dhaniel, If you are a paid customer then please create a support ticket from your weDevs account. Our support team will check your compatibility issue.

        Thanks 🙂

        • Gabriel Porras

          Gabriel Porras

          To be a paid user is useless… I’m 2 years and today I have a lot of problems with Dokan.

  • Gabriel Porras

    Gabriel Porras

    Dokan is compatible with Studio Press themes?

    • Gabriel Porras

      Gabriel Porras

      Dokan is compatible with Studio Press themes?

      • Nayem


        Hello Gabriel,

        As Dokan works with most of the WooCommerce compatible theme so, it will work fine with Studio Press theme. But sometimes the vendor store page create CSS issue which can be fixed easily through custom CSS. Studio Press theme does not have any official tag for the Dokan compatibility so, it can have the layout issue on the store page.

        You can check all dokan compatible theme here – http://themeforest.net/tags/dokan 🙂

  • Kevin


    I recently purchased the Handy Theme from Themeforest because it seemed compatible with WooCommerce, so I figured it would work with Dokan, but it does not appear to. Is that accurate?

    • Nayem


      Hello Kevin,

      Yes, you are correct. The Handy theme is WooCommerce compatible and Dokan will work fine. As I mentioned in the above comment that it can create CSS issue on the vendor store page. If you are having any layout issue and if you are a pro user then feel free to create a support ticket. Our technical support team will help you to solve your issues 🙂

  • Gabriel Porras

    Gabriel Porras

    This list is not correct… Appears my theme Dokan but its is not compatible…

    • Mainul Kabir Aion

      Mainul Kabir Aion

      Hi Gabriel Porras,

      We are sorry that you found the list incorrect. However, we have tested all these themes for their compatibility. If you can be specific in which part of the list you found incompatible, we would test them again and update it.

      Thank you 🙂

  • Muimi


    Is Dokan compatible with Divi theme from Elegant themes?

    • Mainul Kabir Aion

      Mainul Kabir Aion

      Hi Muimi,
      Thank you for your query. Dokan will work with Divi Theme, but it will require some adjustments for CSS issues on the store page. Apart from that everything else will work fine. Our support team will help you with the required adjustments if you wish to go with Dokan for your Divi Theme. But we always suggest you to use a Dokan compatible theme to avoid any kind of layout issue
      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support@wedevs.com or from Our Contact Page.

      Cheers 🙂

  • Nuclear786



    Is Dokan compatible with WP MyListing theme?

    • Rounak Ahmed

      Rounak Ahmed


      WP Mylisting theme is not officially integrated with Dokan plugin. If you want to use it then you can do but it may cause some layout issue on the vendor store page which can be fixed through some custom CSS.


  • thespiders.in


    Will Dokan be compatible with Avada theme and Flatsome theme?

  • Timi



    Is Dokan compatible with Kleo theme?

  • Ali Hashmi

    Ali Hashmi

    Is “Yozi” Theme is fully compatible with all of the “Business” features of Dokan Plugin???

  • agarcia


    Is MaxStore compatible with Dokan?

  • thompsonaffiliate210


    is dokan vendor compatible with Marketica and Flatastic?

    also will auctions and bookings work as well?

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