Project management revamped!

We are releasing soon!

It is time to deliver! We have redesigned the Project Manager plugin after months of research and frontend designing following your feedback, we hope that we have improved this to something that will really impress you.

We have followed several popular project management services like Trello, Skrill, Basecamp, Google and tried to bring the best design traits from everyone. It's like a natural evolution. We were also designing an enterprise solution of our own, so many of it's inspirations have made into this plugin as well.


Under the skin, our good old project manager is the same but with improved performance. So, you know you can depend on it like ever before. Here is a little tour below, but there are more exciting changes which we will incorporate in the release later this month. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile enjoy this! – All these screenshots are from our live site where we use our plugin to log our works.


Each project now has a status bar which shows its completion, plus the UI is greatly improved.


Project Details

Now if you click on a project, you can see it's details which includes the users, files, milestones, task lists and an overview tab was added.

project details


This is another important aspect of projects which we redesigned to be easily observable for the user. As you can see, we separated the actions according to the calendar and increased line spacing for easier readability.

project activities

My Task

The my tasks page has received our greatest attention. From now on, you can check all your tasks (and also other's if you are a manager / admin) with the help of a new calendar feature to streamline your working timeline. This page is amazing!

my task

To-do list

Now if you move to a To-do list and check the tasks, you will see changes here as well. One very useful change in this page is that we moved the hovering edit button, which was more of a nuisance to the right and made it visible all the time.



The calendar is much like before but with more filtering options, here is a screenshot for a peek.


We will send you a newsletter when we push this update, if you are already using this plugin, you should get an update notification in your admin panel.


  • Michael Nielsen

    Michael Nielsen

    It’s looking good 🙂

    I hope there will be an update for the BuddyPress integration as well?

  • Ranan Rahim

    Ranan Rahim

    Thanks dear Michael. We are going to focus on BuddyPress and other add-ons for the Project Manager as soon as we finish testing the plugin and releasing it. It won’t take us much time to get the add-ons up with the new version as most of the basic work is being already dealt with. Thanks for your patience 🙂

  • Peter Jendrysik

    Peter Jendrysik

    Nice Design Hurry Up guys 🙂 i want update…

    can you tell a release date for core plugin and buddypress plugin

    can´t wait

    good work

  • Jacek



    As with support for mobile devices?
    Responsive Web Design?

    Is the planned application Android, iPhone?

  • Ranan Rahim

    Ranan Rahim

    Dear Jacek,
    Yes, the project manager plugin is responsive for portable devices like mobiles or tabs. But there is no dedicated android or iOS app of the application yet. As you see the Project Manager is a WordPress plugin and WP is very much adaptive to smaller screens, it actually reduces the necessity of an app greatly.
    I hope you experience the new changes first hand, we expect to release by the end of March. I will notify you when its out! 🙂

  • Ranan Rahim

    Ranan Rahim

    Dear Peter, We are looking towards the last week of March, only two weeks away! 🙂

  • Will


    Quick though on the buddypress integration. Buddypress already has the activity feed, messaging and notifications integrated. I would love this to be tighter – so for example have the @ mentions in the tasks comments and use the buddypress messaging features for the groups rather than the PM messaging. Lastly have all the activity for your projects showing up in your activity feed instead of having the activity for the project (or ideally both).

  • Jeremy


    Is the GANNT chart add on getting any changes? The biggest problem with this is for a multi month project there is a lot of scrolling needed. It would be nice if the granularity of the display could be changed so that for example several weeks or even months could be displayed in the window rather than just a few days.

  • Scott


    Awesome WeDevs Team! Looking forward to rolling this update out. One thing I wish Project Manager had is a simple notes or documents tab more like basecamp. I like to write down ideas, inspiration and competitors within my projects.

  • Soren Vestergaard

    Soren Vestergaard


    What about the possibility for having a Reminder/notification email sent to the user, when adding a To-do?

    I use it for voluntarily work in the local community, so it would be great with a reminder email, when a To-do is Due or before due date, or else they forget about it.

  • Simone


    Woohoo! Looks great! Looking forward to test it!

  • Kapil


    Great job guys! Cant wait for the update.

  • Yukio


    It looks great, when is going to be available for current users?

  • Darryl


    I love this plugin but I’m surprised there’s no reply-by-email function, that would make it really so much better.

    • Tareq Hasan

      Tareq Hasan

      By default the web servers aren’t ready to accept emails and don’t forward them to the site. We did make an addon that uses third party email services like mandrill and leverage that functionality, sadly we never released that add-on. Time to deliver that as well.

  • rob


    Hope these changes will be visible in the front end as well!

  • Kapil


    If you could integrate a simple support ticket addin into this.. that would make this a powerhouse. Everywhere there are projects there are support tickets. At least in my house. Now we need to use another plugin for tickets but to be able to support clients projects and small one task support tickets in the same system would be amazing! In any case, this is a great new UI so excellent job!

  • Jacek


    I agree.

    We miss the support ticket.

  • Jacek


    We miss the support ticket.
    Whether it is planned for the near future?

  • James


    Looks good. I would love to see the function of a “task set” so you can quickly add a predetermined set of tasks to projects

    • Tareq Hasan

      Tareq Hasan

      We do have a duplicate project functionality. May be create a project as template and duplicate that project once needed? Doesn’t it solve this need?

  • Michael Nielsen

    Michael Nielsen

    Regarding comment by Soren Vestergaard:

    “What about the possibility for having a Reminder/notification email sent to the user, when adding a To-do?”

    That would be really useful in the BuddyPress integration as well 🙂

  • Mark


    Looks great. Looking forward to using.

  • Boris Grewendick

    Boris Grewendick

    Hi, here are some urgent requirement inputs. We use this tool mainly for task management and it would be great if each task gets automatically an ID number…could be the same as the database number perhaps.
    Also it would be great if an automatic reminder will be send to the relevant task responsible person for his out of date tasks. Thanx for a quick reply.

  • Alfredo


    It look so nice, thanks.

  • Christina


    I would love to see task lists that could be replicated between different projects tsunami as well. Often the whole project doesn’t need to be duplicated, just a task list. I LOVE the ability to duplicate an entire project. I would also lo e the ability to duplicate various task lists between different projects.

  • Christina


    I lo e the updates! I forgot to mention that. 🙂

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Thank you for the idea. I have noted that in our feature request list. Hope we will be able to start working on it soon ?

  • Christian


    The new UI looks awesome guys! Both from a functionality perspective and from a design perspective.

    I agree with Christina, the ability to copy tasks lists from one project to another would be really helpful. And I’ve also been thinking that there should be a feature for adding pre-defined Task Sets to your projects, just as James suggested above.

    As Tareq suggested, I’ve created a few projects as templates to duplicate for custom development projects. The problem with this method is that it duplicates the project, but it does not duplicate the To-do Lists. Because of this, I have to manually re-create the same To-do Lists for each project, based on the type of project it is (Custom development, custom service, etc). If I had the ability to simply add in a Set of Tasks to my new project, it would save a TON of time. And it would make things easier to manage for my other team members.

    Do you have a release date for the new WP Project Manager?

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Jacek


    WP Project Manager – new version 1.4

    User frontend.

    What theme do you recommend to him now.

  • Michael Nielsen

    Michael Nielsen

    Thanks for the update to 1.4.

    Does it work with BuddyPress Integration or should we wait for an update to the extension plugin?

    Best regards,

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hey Michael,
    We did not make any changes to the functionality. So everything should work fine. Just some styling issue will occur. If you want to use the BuddyPress add-on feature right now, you will have to edit some styles.

    Currently the whole office is working for our new ERP plugin. We are trying our best to release it within next Friday. We will resume working on the regular products from next Monday. So hopefully we will be able to release a frontend and BuddyPress update by the end of this month.

    We appreciate your patience ?

  • Jacek


    It’s bad 🙁

    Feature “Reorder lists” disappeared.

    This functionality was in the WP Project Manager from the beginning.

    Now that has been removed, it disrupts the entire structure planning.


  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hello Jacek,
    Yes, that was a helpful feature. In the new UI, it was causing us some conflicts. So we had to remove that. I have talked with the lead developer and he assured me that we will introduce and alternative feature to re-order the task lists.

    But one good thing is that the task re-ordering feature is there. I just made a tutorial on that for a customer. If you did not see that, here it is

  • Jacek


    Move tasks works well.

  • Jacek


    Where can I find out what are now the latest versions of WP Project Manager Extensions:?

    • Invoice
    • Invoice – Stripe Gateway
    • Sub Task
    • Kanban Board
    • Gantt Chart
    • Time Tracker
    • WooCommerce Order

    There is no current information:

  • Michael Nielsen

    Michael Nielsen

    Hey Sekander,

    Sounds great!

    I really hope for a better BuddyPress integration. Specifically:
    * Enable/Disable “Projects” panel in a BuddyPress Group.
    * Better user role capabilities. Specifically:
    1. Option to disable automatic assign a project to all members of a group.
    2. Option to enable Group Admin/Mod to manually assign members in a group to a project.
    3. Show/hide individual projects inside a group depending on whether the member has been assigned to the project.
    4. Group Admin/Mod should be able to see all projects in a group.

    For a better BuddyPress Integration, I would also recommend that you integrate a “Projects” panel from the member profile. It would be very helpful if users could see which projects they are involved in from this panel.

    All the best!

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