Look back 2016 – Our ups and downs

So, 2016 is coming to an end and it's time we looked back at what we did. We would like to thank you for staying with us through this year.

With your support, we have tried to improve the quality of our products with our heart and soul. As we look back into the year, we see that we have learnt from our mistakes and from your advises. Your continuous support and patience has given us the scope to work towards improvement. Let me take into a journey with us of our past year.

We released WP ERP this year!

We released the first ever ERP solution on WordPress called WP ERP after working on it for almost 2 years. We have put a lot of our brains, energies and strength into building this plugin with a big dream.

It was downloaded more than 16 thousand times!

WP ERP will bring a new era in WordPress, where you can avail a full spectrum of enterprise solutions. Initially. we are bringing in all sorts of solutions for HRM, CRM and Accounting and offering feature extensions for the modules.

You can visit the official site here www.wperp.com.

With 13 contributors, more than 350+ commits and 12 updates and 14 add-ons, WP ERP has now become a giant.

Here is a geeky video on how WP ERP grew in development in the past 2 years

What was our best of 2016?

We would definitely vote for Dokan. We have spend most of our time developing, improving and listening to customer feedback for Dokan. It has become stable, much of the bugs and glitches have been removed. A lot of new features have been added and the UI has been redesigned and made smarter in frontend and the vendor dashboard.

Focus on

Our main focus in 2016 was to make our plugins more stable and increase integration. We targeted to improve our plugins from just a solution to a loved and trusted product.

But in 2017, we are going to add more features according to customer requests and take our products to a higher standard in the market. Though we don't have much plan to build any new standalone plugin, some of the requested features may come as add-on or extensions.

The growth of our team

At the start of 2016 we were only 22 people and honestly, a little underpowered. To cover the growing need of delivering good quality support, updates and testing we have grown 50% in staff and hope to increase the number by 100% next year. We also plan to move to a spacious office in 2017 for a better working environment.

We now have separate teams assigned to each plugin starting from 2017, so all future development and issue fixing will a lot faster.

A much active social year

We have been very active in social media this year and expect to be a lot more in the coming year. We have published a bulk of helpful contents from our blog and shared them on our Facebook and Twitter account. We took a change in policy to wander beyond topics that directly not relate to our products, but write on a wider perspective and mainly focus on how to do better with or without our products.

Our customer support has improved a lot

We have solved atleast 24,000 thousand support tickets after we moved on to HelpScout. But the actual numbers are actually much higher because we also had to solve a lot through our personal emails and over Skype. Customer happiness is of most importance to us and we know when you face problems, you are losing money every minute. I am happy to tell you that our support staff has just doubled in 2016. So, now we are responding much faster than ever before and you have to wait less to get a solution.

Here is an overview of how we performed in 2016:


I am sharing this information as a proof that we really care about customers when they are in trouble. So, we have accepted 50 refund requests, which is 10 more than last year. Though we are strict about our policies, but when a customer is in an unsolvable distress, bought the wrong add on or having other issues, we value their hard earned money and return it.

Participating in the community

Gold Sponsoring WordCamp Nasik 2016

Our team could not make it into India because of troubles with our visas. But we had our online presence there and the organizers were cooperative enough to set up a table for ourselves. Specially, our friend Harshad was extremely cordial with us.

Gold Sponsoring WordCamp Singapore 2016


We went to the event with a 6 person team. We had our table where a lot of people connected and learnt about our products. And we attended several discussions on plugin development and support which gave us new experiences.

Welcome 2017!

We are expecting a lot of improvements in 2017, it is almost like a fresh start for us! We have been observing keenly to correct our mistakes. We hope that we will overcome and meet up to your expectations this upcoming year.

Please keep supporting us and share your ideas, advices with us. Thank you everyone again!


  • Jeffrey Morris

    Jeffrey Morris

    It is good to read that you guys have learned from your mistakes. I sincerely hope improvements are in the future. All the reviews both on WordPress..org and Facebook are overwhelmingly NEGATIVE!

    My main interest is in Project Management and the addons. At present yours is the only PM that has WooCommerce and BuddyPress integration which is imperative to us. However with so many BAD reviews I am hesitant to use even the Free version. For now I’ll stick with your biggest competitor and hope that your products and support reflect the cost of your products.

  • Ranan Rahim

    Ranan Rahim

    Hi Jeffrey Morris,
    We don’t have all negative reviews, that’s just an overstatement. Most of the reviews which you are talking about are from our earlier days and a lot has changed since that time. If you check the recent reviews, you will find that all of our plugins are now bug free and support has been improved greatly. Our support team doubled in 2016 and since we are on a different time zone, our response times sometimes take a few hours before our working hours start. The truth is we never deny or ignore a customer and in many ways do more than other support teams.
    We have good standing on Dokan and WP User Frontend. But recently we have changed a lot of things in the WP Project Manager and which is why you might have seen some bad review on the plugin. But we are working on it right now and by April everything will be fixed.
    If you haven’t tried our plugins yet, I encourage you to try our free solution of WP Project Manager. Talk to our support staff about any problem you are experiencing and please judge the experience again. I hope you will feel much better about us than now and we will try our best to solve any trouble you are having to use it.

  • Jeffrey Morris

    Jeffrey Morris

    Hello Ranan Rahim,
    I am very happy for your quick response.

    I am looking at WP Project Manager for my main site and Dokan. My biggest concern was with Dokan. After looking at virtually all of the similar plugins, Dokan by far exceeds in features. With this quick rely and the existing feature set, I will go ahead and give it another try. I am very happy to hear everything you stated above and look forward to giving both plugins another go.

    Having been burned before with some purchases, I wanted to make sure I was getting a quality product along with great support. That is why I research reviews and all that I can. Not all plugin developers are honest. I have had a good relationship with the guys at WCVendors however, Dokan is still (as advertised) a better product.

    Again, thank you for your quick response and keep that extensions special going for a while.
    (Think about BuddyPress Integration) I know it’s not on the radar as stated, but it would be usefull for a lot of us. And I just gotta ask, is there a coupon code somewhere for Dokan? LOL

    Have a good day!

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hey Jeffrey,

    It feels great when someone says that after researching all the competitor products, they are interested in trying our product.

    Please send an email to support at wedevs dot com. I will check with the sales team if we can do something for you 🙂

  • پرورش قارچ

    پرورش قارچ

    tank you.

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