Share Digital Content Using WordPress Download Forms – Tutorial

A common strategy among businesses is to share downloadable contents to generate leads. If you are a business owner, you surely know how popular those contents are among general users!

Whether it is for lead generation or any other purpose, you may eventually want to share content on your website and also track users. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared this special tutorial post. We will show how easily you can create content download forms in WordPress. Let's find out then!


For creating your own content download form in WordPress, you will need –

  1. A WordPress powered website
  2. Shareable content
  3. weForms – the fastest form builder plugin

Please note that – you can easily create the content download form or share your downloadable content using weForms for FREE! In case of charging your users for downloading, you will require payment field support and integrations. weForms Professional package contains these features so you can avail them for $79 only!

Your Shareable Content Download Form with weForms

At first install weForms in your WordPress site. You can install it just like any other regular WordPress plugin. Go to the Add Plugins page and search for ‘weForms‘, hit the Install button and finally Activate.

Create A New Form

Now, navigate to  wp-admin → weForms → All Forms → Add Form

You will find some predefined ready made form templates. You can use one of those or simply create a blank form. Here, we will be creating a blank form. So, click on the Create Form button under Blank Form template.

Customize According to Your Requirements

A new blank form is created. Now, you will have to choose what type of fields you will be adding to your form. weForms has more than 20 awesome form fields. So, you can easily create your desired form in no time.

In this step, determine the information you want to gather while generating leads. Here, we will be collecting their names, email address, company name and their queries.

Simply drag and drop the required fields from the Add Fields section in to the live form builder. You will get the form prepared within a few minutes. Easy, right?

Custom the fields according to your requirements. Save the Form when you are done.

Configure Download and Content Settings

You have successfully created your own content download form. Now, you have to configure the setting so that it can serve your purpose properly. Click on the Settings tab above your newly create form. Change the Submit Button text to Download Now.

Now, on the first option ‘Redirect To‘, choose the path to your downloadable content. You can redirect to a page on your website where the content is or you can simply put a custom URL to that specific content.

We have our content stored in our site. So, we will choose Redirect To a page. You will see a new option named Page. Now, select the from the drop down list. For this tutorial, we intend to share a good eBook titled ‘Time Management‘. So, we will choose that.

We have created a simple page and added a Download Now button. This button leads to the actual eBook. You can skip this page and put the direct link to your content.

You can also set up notifications if you want. For example, when someone fills the form and downloads your content, you will get an email. weForms has built-in email notification features in the free version. Save your form after completing all the configuration.

Publish Your Content Download Form

Now, you will need to make your download form live so that users can access it. For this, copy the shortcode of your form by clicking on the blue number beside that form name.

Create a new page or post and put the shortcode there. Finally, publish the page/post.

Test Your Content Download Form

After making the form live, you need to test it to know whether it works or not. So, visit the page. Fill up the form and hit the Download button. See the magic!

Here is a detailed video tutorial on the whole process.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, its very easy to create a content download form in WordPress. With this form, you can share your downloadable content including audio, video, photos, eBooks and many more. weForms allows you to create amazing forms and also gives you awesome form building experience. It also has rich features and powerful integrations.

Check weForms Now

If you think this tutorial helped you, leave a comment below and we will share more WordPress tutorials just for you!

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