WordPress Documentation Plugin: Take Your Docs To A New Level

So, you've just built a new plugin, extension, or even launched your very own online marketplace or WordPress theme. That's awesome! Now, you might be wondering how to create a user guide to help your customers get the most out of your creation.

Or maybe you need to digitize manuals for the products in your drugstore, guide people on assembling furniture, or provide instructions for the car parts you sell at your mechanic store. No matter what you're up to, one thing's for sure – documentation is something we always need.

But don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds. In simple terms, we call it documentation. And guess what? All you need is a user-friendly WordPress documentation plugin to make this process smooth and hassle-free. Easy peasy!

If you're wondering which plugin would be the perfect choice for you, no worries. In this blog, we are going to introduce an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to handle all your documentation. But before that, let's understand why it's essential to have documentation. Ready? Well, let's go!

Why Does Having a Well-Organized Documentation Matter?

Having well-organized documentation holds immense significance for various reasons. Let's take a closer look at why it matters:

  • Clear Understanding: Documentation is a fundamental way to demonstrate how any software solution or tangible product operates. It helps users comprehend the intricacies and functionalities of your creation, making it accessible even to those unfamiliar with the technical aspects.
  • Guidance and Support: For WordPress product development, documentation is a cornerstone. Users rely on guidelines to navigate through your solution effectively. A well-crafted documentation provides step-by-step instructions, empowering even beginners to make the most of your product.
  • Community Strength: The WordPress community understands the importance of documentation so well that it has a dedicated team of volunteers responsible for managing various documentation aspects, such as HelpHub, handbooks, developer.wordpress.org, admin help, and inline docs.
  • Showcase of Seriousness: Comprehensive documentation exhibits your commitment to your products. As successful plugins and solutions often have detailed documentation, users feel assured and supported at every stage of their journey.
  • Smooth Onboarding Experience: Documentation plays a vital role in introducing your products to users. By offering systematic guidance, it ensures users are well-guided and assisted throughout their interaction with your product.

Introducing weDocs- Easily Manage Your Documentation Like a Pro

This is the feature image of the best WordPress Documentation Plugin blog

weDocs FREE plugin is one such solution that makes managing documentation on WordPress a piece of cake. And it's NOT just for WordPress-centric products like plugins, extensions, and themes. It's for anything that needs to be laid out bare in all its details for easy user understanding.

The plugin has 6000+ active installations and a solid 4.8 user rating. But that's not all. weDocs is an extremely handy tool for smartly managing detailed docs of your products just the way you like it. You can tweak codes and customize them further to suit your needs.

The good thing about it is that weDocs lets you self-handle everything like you own it. So you have a really good grasp of what you are doing with your product and how you are going to present it to your audience.

weDocs has been created keeping the lone developer, the new online marketplace or drugstore owner, the car mechanic, or the theme developer in mind. With its robust features, users can create docs from scratch with no complexity. Managing docs is no more a nightmare!

Let's explore how to use the weDocs plugin to manage your documentation.

Create Your Guides and Manuals

To be able to use this plugin, all you need is WordPress.org, a self-hosting domain, and weDocs!

First, download and install weDocs directly from the WordPress.org repo, just like you would install any other FREE WordPress plugin.

After activating it from the Plugins directory, simply navigate to wp-dashboard -> weDocs and start creating your documentation.

Click on Add Doc to begin.

This is the backend view of the weDocs plugin

Enter your doc title, as shown below. This creates a main or parent doc category.

This screenshot shows how to create a new doc

Create Articles/Sections under your Parent Documentation as many as you wish by clicking on Add Section.

This image shows how to add a section under a parent doc

Add a title to this section.

This is an image that shows how to enter section title

weDocs gives you several options beside each article that you create.

Now you can create sub-articles, delete the section, preview the section, and even re-arrange your sections easily with the weDocs drag and drop.

This image shows add docs options

Self-Manage All Documentation from Backend

weDocs is built with an extremely simple builder that's easy to manage and intuitive to even the non-tech users and WordPress rookies.

Host docs easily: Create/add/edit/delete docs right from your WordPress dashboard.

Drag & drops to organize: Use drag and drop function to rearrange subtopics within broad sections. It's user-friendly, modern, and visually appealing.

Switch between Classic & Modern interface: Filter by categories, tags or status, plus add, and edit docs from backend using the Classic UI.

Or use the modern interactive interface for quick access to everything.

Flexible & Customizable: weDocs is mobile-responsive, works with any theme, and extensible with custom coding.

Let weDocs Structures Everything for You

weDocs comes with great inbuilt features for organizing your docs smoothly. This makes arranging and searching for any doc anytime effortless.

Seamless organization: weDocs comes with custom taxonomies. Use Categories & Tags to put in order and systematically arrange your docs.

This is a screenshot of the weDocs editor interface

Listing subtopics: Child articles are automatically listed & linked serially in the relevant main section page. You can also view and select them from the side menu bar.

This image shows how weDocs creates and shows lists

Advanced post type filtering: Keep your docs separate from your posts to prevent mixing up.

Page-Attributes support: Change the location & arrangement of any doc by choosing the topic under which you want it.

Frontend view

Benefits You'll Get While Using weDocs WordPress Documentation Plugin

weDocs lets you interact with your readers, general audience, and customers so you know what they see and feel about your content. As you publish your docs, receive timely responses and feedback on each document from your readers. With weDocs, show users they matter.

Feedback from docs: Gather what your users say through the built-in email support feature in every doc.

Voting support: Users can rate each doc on the basis of its helpfulness with a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

User Intuitive: The weDocs plugin also comes with a good continuous UI flow, ensuring your users can easily navigate to the next doc.

Print Articles: Print your documents without hassle just as they appear on the frontend.

View last updated date: Each document when it was last edited for your reference so users remain informed that the doc is updated.

Easily Index Your Docs in Search Engine

Search & SEO made easy. weDocs opens up ways for you to attract a large number of audience. So you can easily direct your target users and clients towards your content. This not only lets your current users search for your guides, but also lets new users come across you quickly. By consequence, more people become aware of your product through your docs.

Schema.org rich snippet: Make your docs easily searchable on Google with snippets. weDocs supports breadcrumbs.

This image shows a SERP page

Advanced search option: Search any doc from your doc homepage. Search category-wise as well.

This image shows weDocs advanced search option

Multilingual Ready: weDocs is translatable and available in Persian, Spanish, and French.

Get Started with the weDocs WordPress Documentation Plugin Today!

weDocs makes hosting, browsing, and creating documentation a fresh and streamlined experience within the familiarity of your WP environment. Create great looking & comprehensive docs for your online solutions, WordPress products, a guide for your marketplace, and just about anything with weDocs.

And beautifully organize it all on your website with this FREE solution.

Simply extract the zip file and drop the contents in the Plugins directory of your WordPress dashboard. Activate to get started using the plugin.

If you have any feedback related to this WordPress documentation plugin blog post, feel free to share it with us using the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. Thank you!

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