Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress

Bootstrap by Twitter is a fantastic resource with loads of ready-to-use elements. Its getting more and more popular and people are loving to use it for WordPress theme as well.

Here i am going to introduce a plugin by   named – bootstrap-shortcodes . This plugins provides shortcodes for Bootstrap, so you can use the elements on your website, and in the content.


This plugin won't do anything if you don't have website built with the Twitter Bootstrap frameworkThe plugin does not include the Bootstrap framework.

The plugin is tested to work with Bootstrap version 2.1.1 and WordPress 3.5.1.


To install this plugin, just download it, and drop the folder in the wp-content/plugins/. Then login to WordPress and activate the plugin.

Supported shortcodes

The plugin doesn't support all Bootstrap elements yet, but most of them.

  • Grid
  • Buttons
  • Alerts
  • Code
  • Labels
  • Badges
  • Icons
  • Tables
  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Wells


You use the shortcodes just like you would with any other shortcode, with the exception of tables, accordion and the tabs.


You can get this plugin from here free. Also, short-code details available there .



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