WordPress GDPR Compliance Features Of WP User Frontend

Whether you are logging in to your favorite websites or signing up for new ones, privacy, security & protection of your personal data is highly essential. This is where GDPR compliance intervenes and protects the misuse of the data that you have shared on various websites or other purposes. Following the current trend of GDPR, WordPress GDPR compliance has also made several modifications in their privacy policy so did WP User Frontend.

So, let's talk about the newly included GDPR compliance features of WP User Frontend.

What Really Is GDPR & Why It Got Introduced?

When it comes to the security of personal data, people tolerate absolutely zero loopholes. So GDPR is something that takes care of your data protection act. It provides provisions in protecting the personal data and privacy of European Union(EU) citizens in terms of their transactions occurring among the state members of the EU.

Looking at the privacy and security concerns over the personal data protection of EU citizens, GDPR got revamped by the European Parliament in April 2016, reinstating its already outdated data protection act policy from 1995. EU, in general, has had more severe rules on how companies use their citizen's personal data. Hence looking at the essentiality & severity of these major security concerns in people's minds, European Parliament has reintroduced personal data protection policy in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

WP User Frontend GDPR Compliance Features In Your WordPress

For the private data of a user, you will be needing to send a request to that particular user via email. Once the user approves your request, you will be able to download their personal data easily.

Simply get to the Tools tab of your WordPress and click export personal data. Request for personal data by sending the user a request. Once a user gives you the consent to export personal data, you will be able to download it.

Sometimes a user may ask you to erase the personal data. According to GDPR rules, it obligates the admin to do so no questions asked. So you can erase their personal data in the same way. Get to the Tools tab and click on erase personal data. Choose the user you want to delete personal data from. Once it is deleted the information in your database will be erased forever.

When you export the personal data of any user using your WP User Frontend, these are the personal data that you get to access. These are the private information of users and should not be disclosed to any random individual at any cost.

Not just user data, it will allow you to access all the posts of that user with WP User Frontend. This lets you know about the type of posts by a particular user using WP User Frontend. It includes the information of Post ID, Post Title, Post URL & Post Date.

What Does WP User Frontend Do With Your Data?

Here is how you get to the privacy policy guide of WP User Frontend to know what is it that it actually does with your personal data.

You can check out the privacy guide of WP User Frontend in the privacy settings. This privacy policy guide clearly explains to its user the type of data it collects and stores. It states the team member that has access to these data as well. Not to mention that it also reveals what they share with others like to the payment gateway or to the third-party modules.

What Happens When A User Asks to Delete Data?

At any point in time, any WP User Frontend user can ask the admin to delete their data or information. So what happens when a user asks to delete them? Well once a user requests to erase their data, the admin of the website deletes them totally from their database but the transaction of their posts remains as it is but without their credentials on it.

Final Thoughts on GDPR & WP User Frontend

Facebook and Google accumulatively hit with $8.8 billion in lawsuits on day one of GDPR

GDPR is not a matter of joke or something any company or business can mess around with. After GDPR, companies are bound to erase all personal data once someone requests them to do so. In failing to do so, GDPR has steep penalties of up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover.  This is the privilege that the EU citizens are getting now with the inclusion of the latest GDPR policy.

With the GDPR feature with WP User Frontend, the users now can enjoy the same facility of GDPR data protection policy. People now can use WP User Frontend more freely. As they will not have to worry too much about the misuse of their personal data anymore. Sure there will be future complications while trying to ensure total privacy for data protection but it's the duty of all businesses to take all necessary steps to ensure minimal damage in the process.

So with WP User Frontend, you don't need to worry about the abuse of your personal data in any way. So if you are still worried about your data being wrongly used but looking for a safe & secured frontend solution for your WordPress, then you may want to give WP User Frontend a try.

And if you like it so far, then

If you are already a user of WP User Frontend, then feel free to share your experience. Also, do let us know what do you feel about the inclusion of GDPR compliance features of WP User Frontend.

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