Most Marvelous 100+ WordPress Stats & Facts

People might ask you, why would you want to switch to the WordPress CMS. With the current position and progress of WordPress, the answer to it shouldn’t be too difficult. Because since 2003, today after 15 years of its successful journey and establishment all the awesome WordPress stats would automatically answer all the questions people might have in their curious mind about WordPress.

Some people might still have the temerity to speak against WordPress and the number of flaws it possesses. But the current stats and facts of WordPress will always speak above all for themselves.

So what makes WordPress so special? Let’s find out through some tantalizing stats and facts of WordPress in this post below.    

Interesting WordPress Stats & Facts of 2024

WordPress Launch

The very first version of WordPress was launched on 27th May 2003, making it even an older web platform than Facebook, Youtube & Twitter. It was released by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little back then.

Info: WordPress

Powering up Websites Worldwide

According to the stats conducted by W3Techs, WordPress is currently powering through over 33.1% of the world’s web platforms. A truly remarkable achievement by this popular CMS that is currently used for blogging sites as well as for large business websites.

Info: W3Techs

WordPress Enjoying Substantial Market Share

Almost 47% of the world’s websites do not use a CMS. But among the CMS platform user, WordPress enjoys a whopping 61.1% of the market share making it by far the largest share in the market worldwide.

Info: W3techs

WordPress Leading in Search Engine

Based on the data conducted by a reliable keyword analysis tool, last year WordPress was searched on average 2,74,0000 times in a month by people all around the world. Just imagine the search volume it had when you count the relevant long-tail keywords.

Info: KWFinder

Record Installation for Popular Plugins

On average, popular WordPress plugins or themes can get more than a million installations each week. For example, as of January 2020, at the time of writing this, the most popular e-commerce store plugin, WooCommerce has been installed 774,273 times in a week. Just imagine how much business you can make once you have a popular application for WordPress.

Info: WordPress

World’s Most Popular Business Sites Runs on WordPress

Many business sites are already using WordPress. This number is almost, 35% of 10,000 popular business sites that are actively using it. The list includes some popular sites like The New Yorker,, Reuters, TED, TechCrunch, etc.

Even for personal sites as well many globally recognized personalities also use WordPress including celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Kobe Bryant, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and many more.  

Info: WinningWP

WordPress is Available in More Languages than You Can Imagine

At a full 100% rate, WordPress is now being actively used in 68 languages out of 162. The day is not far when WordPress will be effectively used in all the existing local languages out there.

Info: WordPress

Most Widely Used WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

WordPress was always known for being the most popular blogging tool. But over the last decade or so it has evolved and made its entry into the e-commerce business arena as well. WooCommerce is the most popular and widely operated e-commerce plugin and is being used in over 13% of WordPress websites currently. The numbers are even more astonishing when you consider it's more than 3 million installations on websites and over 60 million all-time downloads.

Info: W3Techs

More Monthly Visitors than Twitter & Amazon

As per recent stats, it is claimed that both Amazon and Twitter had lower unique monthly visits than WordPress with over 148 million monthly visitors.

Info: WordPress

Record Number of Download for WordPress v4.9

Now when it comes to the most downloaded software in the world, WordPress is right there at the top. By the time this post is being published, the real-time download counter of WordPress v4.9 would have at least crossed 160 million.   

Info: WordPress

Registered a Record Number of Posts and Comments

As a blogging site platform, WordPress has set some pretty impressive records over the years. WordPress platform used for blogging continues to encourage people to submit new posts and comments worldwide. The CMS platform has registered about 70.5 million new posts and 52.1 million new comments each month. This means bloggers from all over the world create at least 6 new posts each second on WordPress sites.  

Info: WordPress

Number of Available WordPress Plugins

At the time of this post being written, there are currently 54,624 plugins available at with over 1.5 billion total downloads of all these plugins. So you can be rest assured that, there is a plugin for any kind of solution you need in WordPress.

Info: WordPress

Held an Impressive Number of WordCamp Worldwide

WordPress making its mark in the global arena has organized a handsome number of WordCamps for WordPress users and welcomes new community members to it every year. The very first WordPress was arranged in the year 2006 in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg. And since then 950+ WordCamp has been held in over 65 countries, with more than 2400 speakers and 1100 sponsors involved in it.

Info: WordCamp

Millions Being Earned over a Single WordPress Theme

ThemeForest is the most popular premium theme and plugin marketplace out there. Based on a report, Avada is the most popular & sold theme for WordPress and as of now, this 59$ priced theme has been bought over 200,000 times, generating over $1.3 million in sales and counting.

Info: Avada

Made Record in Terms of Registered Domains Every 6 Months

A recent survey of CMS usage suggested that there are at least 1.2 million domain registrations for WordPress every 6 months. And the number is only increasing each year.

Info: Built With

WordPress Free Themes in Theme Directory

Currently, in the theme directory of WordPress, there are almost 6000 free themes for WordPress users to choose from. This number is a massive selling point of WordPress for users who love to decorate their WordPress site frequently. Divi and Genesis are the most popular free theme of all time used in 10% out of 20% of total WordPress sites.

Info: WP Beginner & Small Biz Trends

WordPress Revenue Touches the Magic Figure of Billion

WordPress, being a Non-Profit organization, the company behind it, Automattic, has made a revenue of $1.3 billion ahead of other gigantic WordPress companies like Envato at $95 million and WP Engine at $74 million.

Info: Websitebuilder

Akismet Created Record in Blocking Spam Comments

One of the more popular spam blocker plugins Akismet blocks over 7.5 million spam comments every hour. It has already crossed the milestone of 100 billion a long time back. Imagine the number of fake ads it has blocked to save the users to deal with.

Info: Akismet

Top WordPress Plugins

Popular plugins are the one that enhances the overall performance of your site. In a recent stat, it was concluded that WooCommerce, Akismet, and Yoast SEO made into the top 3 plugins based on their overall performance and capabilities in their respective fields.

Info: WordCamp

Contribution in WordPress

The WordPress v4.9 is already known to be the most popular WordPress release of all time. But very few people know that the main success behind this version was due to the contribution of 443 talented people out of which 185 of them were freshers who were taking part in WordPress development for the very first time.

Info: WordPress

WordPress 5.0 Is Getting a Great Response

Till mid-February ‘19 from the time of its release, the latest version of WordPress v5.0 is getting tremendous response. This new release of WordPress has been downloaded more than 35,000,000 times though only 30% of WordPress websites are running it as of now.

Info: WordPress Real-time Counter

Cost of Maintaining a WordPress Hosting and Domain

Hosting a WordPress site won't cost you a fortune. It only takes around $50-60 to host a professional WordPress site. Whereas a .com domain name will typically cost you up to $10 a year. This means you can enjoy top-quality WordPress hosting including a domain of your choice at just 70$ a year.

Info: WinningWP

Getting Started with WordPress Is Still Fun & Easy

Using WordPress is fun because it is the most user-friendly platform of all and it’s easy because it only takes 5 minutes to get started with WordPress from downloading the plugin to configuring it up in just a few simple clicks.

Info: WordPress

The Popularity of WordPress Against Joomla & Drupal

Like all CMS platforms, even WordPress has competitors in the form of Joomla & Drupal. But when it comes to popularity WordPress is almost 10 times popular than Joomla and 8.9 more popular than Drupal.

Info: Websitebuilder

Page View Creates Records Each Month

In WordPress, a staggering 21.1 billion pages are viewed each month by more than 410 million people worldwide. And when it comes to the record of files uploaded by the users globally then, the stats say that just in the month of December 2018, an astonishing 70,399,151 files were uploaded through WordPress sites.

Info: WordPress

75+ More Amazing Stats of WordPress

wordpress stats and facts

Some WordPress Fun Facts

After all these serious WordPress stats and updates, one might feel WordPress is a boring place to be. But in reality, it is a fun place to experience the originality of the CMS platform. And the fun facts below further prove that.

Do You Know?

  • Automattic, the company behind WordPress had a beautiful office in San Francisco, but it was shut down when its employees stopped showing up at work.
  • The core developers of WordPress are huge fans of Jazz music. Influenced by that each of the major releases of WordPress was labeled after a renowned Jazz musician
  • The active Japanese community members created the official mascot of WordPress, Wappu.
  • Every WordCamp events get a unique Wappu including several specially customized variation of the mascot in it.
  • Controlling a missile guidance system was done using WordPress.
  • WordPress has around 800 employees Worldwide, which is 500 times fewer employees than Amazon.

WordPress in the Years to Come

No matter how much anyone would want to deny it, but WordPress is indeed the future of CMS platforms. Not to mention its growing popularity as the best blogging platform as well. The stats & facts discussed in this post already prove that.

Most statistics now already suggest that its immense popularity in the past decade or so is mainly driven by the fact that it is a budget-friendly one. Not just the platform, but also its offerings of a wide range of marketplace plugins, themes, security, SEO friendliness & available language packs are also major reason for its fondness of people.

Looking at its progress and development over the years, it is safe to say WordPress will only take over many other popular alternative CMS in the coming years. This is a positive sign for all the WordPress enthusiasts out there and something that they can proudly boast about.

Did you feel we have missed out on some significant WordPress stats? Do you have any fun or informative WordPress stats or facts to share with us? Then we would love to hear from you.

Do share with us, your views and thoughts on WordPress and its future in the coming years in the comments section below.

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