New features on Dokan 1.0.1

If you don't know what Dokan is, it's the most feature rich marketplace theme for WooCommerce and WordPress.

Today Dokan has been updated with some new features and here are those:

1. New action hooks and filters added.

2. Seller shop url customisation:

Now you can customise your stores URL while you are registering
Dokan seller URL customisation

3. Enable/disable order status change:

If you don't want to give options to your sellers to not change the order statuses, now you can customise.

Order status change
Dokan Settings → Selling Options tab

4. Seller Balance Withdraw

Sellers balance is counted by combining the order total of their Completed, Processing and On-hold order statuses. Incase if you want to count the seller balance only when a order is completed (shipping processed and parcel received or whatever steps you are taking on).

Seller Balance Withdraw

5. Avatar Upload

Avatar upload feature was missing, now it's been added.

Upload seller profile photo

6. Seller Registration Notification

It was missing on the initial version without noticing. Better late than never 😉

7. Store Reviews in one place

Now you can see all the reviews of a seller by navigating the rating on store page. It lists all the reviews from all products of that seller.

Store Reviews

8. Top Seller Widget

A new widget added to show best sellers. It calculates by sales amount that the seller has made.

Best seller widget for Dokan

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Tareq Hasan
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Tareq Hasan

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