Time for upgrading Project Manager to PRO with $19 discount !!

We have released WP Project Manager PRO early this month with many advance features.  So what you can do more with PRO? Lets go through –

Project Permission

Add managers, co-workers and clients in your project. You've absolute control over the user roles and what they can see.



Archive Projects

When project is done you can archive it rather than remove/delete.

Project Template (duplicate)

Got another similar project? Just Copy it 🙂



My Tasks & User Assigned Task

Now manage your assigned tasks from a single screen. View all your completed, outstanding and current tasks in a single page. Getting things done is much easier!

Calendar Overview

Get project overview from the calendar. See your project overview with late, completed and future to-do's. See which milestones needs to be completed and who is responsible for each.

With drag-n-drop feature, change the due date. Even change the start and end date by dragging each to-do.

Calendar View


Privacy in Message, Todo, Milestone

Set message, to-do list, to-do and milestones as private if you don't want them to see by certain user levels.

And more … Read all the features on Project Manager PRO here.

People love WP Project Manager

Lets see some of our free users comments and review on WordPress repo.


So, what are the differences between FREE and PRO ?

Yes, right. Check here to see the differences 🙂

Now, where is love?

So, as Free user of WP Project Manager or existing customer (WP Project Manager Front-end) you can get $19 OFF for any WP Project Manager PRO license.

Use Coupon code: love-wppm-pro during checkout.

Need Support?

We have a dedicated forum section where you will get supports directly from the developers.


We love IDEAS! as you do. If you want to see more features or have request let us know here.

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