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People are paying tons of money for their education and the education industry is valued to a staggering amount of $3 trillion. In recent days, most of this amount is invested in creating and maintaining online education websites. I hope you have heard this quote:

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Kofi Anan, seventh secretary-general of United Nations

If you want to get out of the darkness of the world, education is a must and keeping these facts in mind, I am going to review a topnotch educational theme pack called ‘WordPress Education Theme pack’ so that you can enter to this potential market.

Why You Need an Education Theme?

Managing a whole educational website is not an easy task, you could get juggled while doing it. Therefore it is necessary to use an educational theme. An ideal education theme will allow you to –

  • Create a magnificent, responsive educational website easily and in a short time
  • Enroll people automatically
  • Create and manage courses without any trouble
  • Grade quizzes automatically
  • Charge for courses with secured payment gateways

It will be very tough to find such a theme, but as I found this theme pack I shared with you. This theme pack comes with five themes in it. The themes of this theme pack cover almost all the requirements that an educational website requires.

How WordPress Education Theme Pack Can Help You?

WordPress Education Theme

The Ultimate WordPress Education theme pack is developed by Themesgrove. It includes five educational themes including – Learned, Studykit, Arsim, Edukado, and Universidad.

Every theme of this pack is ideal for building an educational website, where you can sell your courses. This theme pack will cover every need of your educational website, that’s why you can use it without any doubt.

Some of the common features and functionalities of this theme pack are –

LearnPress Integration

LearnPress is known as the most popular LMS in the WordPress plugin directory and it lets you manage your educational site brilliantly. Learnpress integrated with a theme of education pack, you can easily:

  • Watch, maintain and update your course
  • Promote and charge courses with different types of payment methods
  • Determine the areas to improve with advance course analytics
  • Automatically take and grade quizzes
  • Track learners progress with detailed grade sheet and review
  • Schedule courses

BuddyPress Integration

Let your learners communicate easily and help them a community inside your institution with BuddyPress. It will help learners to share the knowledge and valuable information from one place.

Multi-device Responsiveness

Mobile devices are surging in popularity these days and so learners prefer to see lectures from their mobile devices.

Unfortunately, that's not the end!

As mobile devices come with different display resolutions and varied aspect ratios it becomes imperative to fit your website content properly. And so I have tested the themes of education theme pack in various devices and found it to be fully responsive.

Multiple page layouts

No matter what sort of educational institute you own, you will be always able to create the required site you want. As there are multiple home layout variations with each theme that lets you create any type of school, college, university, coaching, and other educational institutes.

Get Two Paid WordPress Plugins for Free (Save $65)

Upon purchasing the theme pack, you are getting two valuable WordPress plugins out of the box. They are:

WidgetKit ($39): Boost the power of Elementor with widgetkit, as it comes with a huge collection of elements that lets you build anything. You do not require any coding knowledge or any prior knowledge, which makes it easy to use.

Revolution Slider ($26): This slider will provide you with useful object libraries, drag & drop slider building facility, 3D Parallax effects and so on.

Get Help From The Dedicated Support Team

If you ever stuck on anywhere, get help from the expert support team. They will try to fix your problem as soon as possible.

Course Selling with WooCommerce

If you want to sell your courses, you can do it without any hassle. All the themes of Education theme pack come with WooCommerce integration. That means you can not just only create a website but also can:

  • sell anything on your site from digital to physical products.
  • extend the functionalities using 400 add-ons
  • take payments using popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer and Checks.
  • view your top categories, products, sales, refunds, and coupons anytime.

One Click Demo Importation

The one click demo import feature is pretty useful to give your site a fulfilled appearance all at once by importing the contents related to your niche. This will help you upload your own contents conveniently on your site.

Speed & SEO Optimized

Do you have any idea how speed can play a vital role to attract and sustain visitors to your site? In case you do not know, here is a fact from Google:

“The average time it takes to fully load the average mobile landing page is 22 seconds. However, research also indicates 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.”


You do not need to worry regarding the speed issue as all themes are well optimized and will be loaded into any device instantly.

SEO is important for any educational website, therefore your site needs to be optimized too. All the themes of WordPress education theme pack are fully SEO friendly so that your educational website rank faster and come in a good position of search result.

Powerful Admin Panel

All the themes of WordPress education theme pack ships with powerful admin panels which help you get the big picture of your website with ease. From this admin panel, not only will you be able to turn on or off a certain set of functions but be able to customize in a lot more convenient way.

Typography Control

The education theme pack comes with 1000+ google fonts which are a great thing to control the typography and make your site more legible to your visitors.

Parallax & Video Sections

Nobody likes static pages. With the Parallax effect feature, you can make your education website's pages more interactive and attractive. You can also use video sections to grab the attention of your visitors and convey your thoughts through it.

Payment Gateways

There are a total of five different payment gateways are available with WordPress education theme pack. But if you like to add more, feel free to do it.

Returning to You

Making your educational website aesthetically pleasing, engaging and informative is the most wanted factor. And this is exactly where the WordPress education theme pack comes to the rescue.

In addition to that, with the subscription feature, you will be able to manage subscriptions which is a great way to manage an educational site.

Long story short, if you are on the lookout for an educational theme then we can flat out go for this highly customizable theme pack. After all, it provides you the best education themes with power to do anything.

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