WP User Frontend Pro Updated to v2.2

We have been working on WP User Frontend Pro version 2.2 for several months for some really wanted and long wished features. And finally, it's been released!

Conditional Logic

ufp - conditional logic
Using Multiple Condition in Forms

Applying conditions on form fields have never been so easy before. Now you can apply logic/conditions on your form fields. Just like if a male is registering to attend a DJ Party, you won’t ask for a partner. But if a female is registering for your DJ Party, you want to ask her if she is with a partner or bunch of friends.

Recurring Subscription

ufp - recurring subscription
Recurring Payment Settings for Subscription Packages

Either the user or the administrator can chose to charge periodically for a subscription package. So your users don’t have to buy the same subscription package over and over again. No matter the package validity is just one day, a week, a month or even a year; just check the recurring field, and that’s it.

Frontend Login

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 4.37.48 AM

We were depending on Theme My Login plugin for frontend login. But we are ending that dependency on the new version of WP User Frontend. Now you can use any page, any post, and any template to login or register the user. Just place the shortcode [wpuf-login] and configure from the dashboard. That’s it. You’ll get all your styling in the login, register and dashboard pages.

Coupon on Subscription

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 4.41.16 AM

All the common e-commerce site offer discount coupons on their products. So we thought adding this feature would be helpful for your business and help your site grow.

Email Confirmation

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 4.44.23 AM
All the major sites require verifying user’s mail address for security, spamming and some other reasons. So we made this available for you. When your users register for your site, A mail with a link to verify their account will be sent and they have to click on the link to verify. If the verifying account is turned on, user will be unable to login and told to verify their mail address.

Export/Import Forms

Most of us do the testing job offline in local host and upload the changes to the live site. So we made a feature to import and export the forms, to you don’t have to replace the whole database to transfer the forms. The forms and its settings can be exported as a .json file. When you’re complete making your forms and finished testing, you can download the JSON file and import from your live site.

ufp - export forms
Form Settings Export Tool Preview
ufp - import
Form Settings Import Tool Preview
ufp - tools menu
User Frontend Pro Tool Panel Preview.

One-Click Installer

ufp - automatic creator
One Click Demo Data Installer

Some of our customers got confused and frustrated setting the edit, dashboard and forms. So from this version, we made a one click demo form creator. And the edit and dashboard pages will be created with short codes inside them and will be automatically assigned for edit and dashboard in the settings. So you’ll have less to worry.

Disable Subscription on Forms

ufp - disable subscription
Disable Subscription Settings Panel Preview
You can chose to allow subscriptions on a form or disable the subscriptions on the form. Even you set “force to buy subscription” for all post, but in “audio post” you don’t want to charge, so you can check the “disable subscription” and the system won’t ask you for payment or deduct balance from your subscription.

New Fields in Notification Email

Whenever an user signs up or registers on your site, you’ll get email notifications. And inside that, you’ll get the authors email, bio and the attachment url (if the user have uploaded any).

ufp - post notification
New Post Notification Settings Panel Preview With Short Codes

Register User with Pack

From this version now users can register to your site by choosing a subscription pack. They will be redirected to signup page after selecting a pack. After registration, they will be redirected to the payment page for completing the payment.

Per-per-post for Guests

From now on you can give your users more freedom. Your users can post without logging in. They will just write a post and when they click the submit button, they will be redirected to the Paypal payment page and their post will be saved as Draft; when they have completed the payment procedure, the post get published automatically.

Improved Features:

ufp - Subscription UI change
New Design of Subscription Page

Subscription feature: We have revamped the look of the subscription packs and subscriptions page. And we have improved the UX about subscription. Before this update, users go to the subscription page and if the user is not logged in, and if they click “buy subscription pack” they got redirected to the login page and the page they were is lost. But from now on, after logging in or registering, they will be redirected to the exact page that they were before.

Form builder UI: The form builder UI is matched to the current WordPress UI. So it have more similar user interface.

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