Introducing wePOS Pro: Best WooCommerce POS Plugin for Entrepreneurs

An efficient Point of Sale system can turn your computer, mobile, iPad or Android tablet into a cash register. So that you can operate your business from anywhere in the world. With WordPress, it becomes easy as pie from developing an eCommerce site to sell the products with a smooth transaction.

wePOS is a fast and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin. With only a few weeks, it has already empowered around 1000 WooCommecre stores.

Now, we are going to release a Pro version of wePOS with a rich collection of unique features. Yes, wePOS Pro is finally here to make your eCommerce journey easier!

You may already know that wePOS lets you take orders and track your inventory for your WooCommerce store. Also, it lets you physically count your WooCommerce products by scanning Bar Codes. After that, you can add them directly to the customer’s cart for processing the order.

wePOS Pro: Best Point of Sale (POS) System for WooCommerce

wePOS pro

wePOS is a web-based Point-of-Sales (POS) system. It is a fast promising WordPress plugin for both small-medium retailers. With the wePOS core, you will get a simple interface to track your real-time inventory and manage orders effectively.

This plugin is specially designed to perform seamlessly with WooCommerce. You can connect it to your store using the official WooCommerce and wePOS API.

Moreover, you can directly connect it to your WooCommecre database. And you need no third-party bridging software or middleware for that. Therefore, there is no chance for syncing issues, extra cost or any complexity.

Interactive and Intuitive Features of wePOS Pro

  • Specially designed for WooCommerce
  • Advanced UI design
  • Custom barcode support
  • Able to handle multiple orders at a time
  • Super responsive and compatible with all sized devices

It will bring significant uplift to your online shop by simplifying sales management.

Why Should You Integrate wePOS Pro into Your WooCommerce Store

Most amazingly, wePOS offers all the basic features including Based on Rest API, Attractive User Interface, TAX Calculation, Cash gateway, and so forth completely free. Besides, we offer 3 different premium packages starting from $199. You can operate unlimited outlets, counters, and cashiers with the business package.

However, premium packages have broad access to many advanced modules. Such as Outlet & counter management, Secure login panel for cashiers, Multiple live cart management, and so on.

Based on REST API

wePOS is a single-page application that can respond fast. In a physical store, you have to manage a lot of customers and process their orders simultaneously. In this situation, a fast system like wePOS can be the best choice to run your inventory smoothly.

Outlet & Counter Management

wePOS pro lets you handle unlimited outlets and unlimited counters. You can manage these outlets individually. And assign different cashiers/ agents for those counters separately.

Secure Login Panel for Cashiers

Your cashiers can log in to the system with their credentials. They will be eligible for operating the front end only. So, you need not hand over the backend WordPress access. Therefore, it will give your cashier an effective process with high productivity.

Cashier Take Care of Your Orders

As we have mentioned before, you can create and assign cashiers for each of your counters on different outlets. The assigned cashiers will get access to those particular counters that you have assigned them to. This is the way, wePOS ensures the privacy of all transactions in your store.

Advanced Receipt Builder with White-label

With the white-label feature, you can personalize your POS system according to your preference. It allows you to customize every single detail and style in your invoice.

Multiple Live Cart Management

This wePOS feature lets you handle multiple carts concurrently. It includes tab-style cart management. So, you easily manage multiple live carts without losing the data. Moreover, you can initiate checkout for multiple customers at the same time.

Convenient Payment System

wePOS supports almost all the popular payment gateways including cash, cards, and others. So, your customers will get plenty of options to complete their purchases.

Attractive User Interface

You will get an interactive user interface with wePOS. Its intuitive design allows you to operate the system smoothly. Also, you can manage your inventory and orders in an organized way.

Tax Calculation

wePOS comes with an upgrade Tax management feature. It will automatically calculate the Tax and VAT for your sales. You can specify whether to include Tax or VAT in the checkout or not.

wePOS Pro Pricing: Crack the Best Deal for Your Business

As we have mentioned before, you will get all the basic plans to track your sales with wePOS completely free. Besides, you can unlock the advanced features by picking any pro version of wePOS. There are 3 premium packages are available to subscribe for.

Therefore, you can choose the most reliable & fastest POS system for your WooCommerce stores at a reasonable price. At first, you should find out the features that your online store actually needs. Then invest your money to buy the best fit for your business.

wePOS pro
wePOS Pricing Plan

What are You Waiting For: Go Get wePOS Pro Now

Are you looking for a flexible POS system for your WooCommerce store? wePOS Pro can be the perfect solution that integrates easily with your online and offline retail store.

With wePOS you can manage your physical shop along with the online store. It lets you conduct the sales procedure in a disciplined way by using shortcut keys. Furthermore, it will amplify your business growth and customer experience at a rapid pace.

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