Best Project Management Plugin for WordPress – Project Manager VS Basecamp

WordPress could be a vast ocean for you to across because an enormous count of themes, plugins, extensions and many more incorporate it. You can't expect to learn all the ins and outs regarding WordPress within a day and it takes a lot of steam to really know this blogging platform turned CMS.

Thanks to the continuous upgrades introduced into the arena of WordPress Website Development Services, it has become feasible for individuals and organizations to meet their varying needs in the best possible manner. In this post, I want to walk you through one of the most crucial fields that immensely benefited from WordPress plugins; Project management.

Project management plugin for WordPress enables you to create and effectively manage various projects with your co-workers at the comfort of WordPress. There are many third-party project management services out there, but with a project management plugin for WordPress, you can do all of the management within your familiar interface.

I'll be discussing comparatively through the prime features of WP Project Manager WordPress plugin and another popular project management system, Basecamp.

Firstly, let's dig deep into Project Manager Plugin for WordPress

Project Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to stay organized while you're running a business. No matter what sort of business you are dealing with, leaving it unorganized may hamper your and your team's hard work into chaos. WordPress Project Manager Plugin assists you to get organized while you are handling multiple processes that are necessary for ascertaining smooth operation of your business.

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Interesting features of the WordPress' Project Manager plugin

Quite different from a variety of project management plugins available for WordPress, the Project Manager plugin comes with the following features:

  • Support for adding a suite of projects
  • Support for adding form fields eg. text, date, email address, URL, checkbox, radio list, selection etc.
  • Ajax enabled editing of datasets.
  • The flexibility of hooking projects into user profiles.
  • Dataset sorting on the basis of any form field.
  • Flexibility to change the color scheme for the output tables via the WordPress admin panel.
  • Search functionality where users can search via form field and specific category names.
  • Manual drag & drop sorting of datasets and many more.

A brief on installation

Just like the majority of WP plugins that have been developed by a renowned WordPress Plugin developer, the Project Manager plugin can be easily installed using a two-step process as explained below:

Step 1- Unzip the zipped file available within the Project Manager plugin and upload all the file content to your WordPress Plugin directory.
Step 2- Opt for activating the ‘Project Manager' plugin via the WordPress admin Plugin Page.
Having received a rating of 4.3 on a scale of 5.0, Project Manager plugin has emerged as a powerful and highly adaptable WordPress plugin that has been downloaded by over 24,045 users till date.

And now, let's come to yet another remarkable WordPress Project Management that's called Basecamp

While the basic idea of using WordPress for building powerful interactive websites has been truly overwhelming, the concept expects you to devote an incredible amount of time, effort, and dedication in terms of empowering people to collaborate and create a well-organized community. It is here that the role of Basecamp plugin comes to play.

A look at the history of Basecamp

basecampHaving been in business since 15 years from now, Basecamp has been successful in becoming the world's number one project management tool. With a whopping count of companies switching to Basecamp, it isn't surprising to find that this easy-to-use and incredibly reliable project management plugin will continue to rule the world of WordPress plugin for many more years to follow.

What has made Basecamp different from other WordPress Project Management plugins?

Whether it's about sharing files, having discussions, assigning specific tasks, collaborating on documents or checking due dates; Basecamp has made it quite easy for individuals in different roles with varied responsibilities to communicate and work in a collaborative manner. With Basecamp serving as the perfect place for storing all your documents securely, you can access the same anytime and from anywhere.

Email-in: A built-in core feature of Basecamp

If you are a WordPress website owner and you're inclined on using your project management software for communicating with your co-workers, then Basecamp's built-in feature called Email-In will come very handy to you. A range of Basecamp competitors lack such a feature. This app allows the team members to communicate with each other via sending real-time emails, using Basecamp directly.

To put simply, you do not need to stress whether your team is performing effectively while you're out on a vacation or on a long drive. If you have access to the internet, send an email to Basecamp and your team members will receive all your commands immediately. The best thing about Email-In is that you receive a confirmation email regarding the successful delivery of your message(s) to the targeted team members.

Summing Up

With such great insights being shared about the two remarkable project management software, Basecamp and WordPress plugin Project Management, I am sure you will realize the significance of using a top-notch plugin for managing your tasks effectively. So, what's the wait for? Get going and choose your pick for getting and staying organized throughout the project execution phase.

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