3 Most Recommended Live Chat Services For Your Business

Over the last two decades, the importance of online communication has been growing at a significant rate. Be it for an interpersonal chat between two individuals or formal communication between a business and its consumers, a steady stream of online chat services has kept on flowing and providing us with a luxury of options.

The last few years have witnessed businesses having a strong slant towards the live chat software products that can provide their consumers with a seamless interface to connect with their in-house personnel and ask questions about their products and services. Live chat is a great option to connect with potential customers and convert them into customers because this way, they get the answers to their questions and they are satisfied to know that the support system is active and responsive.

If you represent one of the businesses that have been wanting the best quality live chat product to enhance business-consumer communication, here are the three products you can try out:


Zopim is a famed name in the live chat circle. This software has the features to help businesses connect with their customers in a more empowered fashion. It has a very scalable foundation and proves to be extremely resourceful in boosting your conversion rates by bolstering customer satisfaction.


Zopim has a modern-looking interface that makes it all the more in-demand. Zopim's biggest draw is the customization capabilities it swings at the users. Whether it is the text modifications or background colour change, there is a scope for everything. The pre-chat form of Zopim enables businesses to know more about their customers before their agent can start the actual communication.

Another remarkably useful feature of Zopim is the analytics that gives you all types of insight into your customers' details. You can find out their demographics, the IP address, measure the percentage of repeat visitors against the new visitors. There is an easy way to implement real-time data for your current visitors and segregate them in terms of the page they are on, the agent they are talking to, the location they are from and so on. You can also use the software to evaluate the usage patterns of the customers on your website.

Zopim is optimized for mobile devices. So, if you have a large chunk of customers accessing your website from their Smartphones, you can be rest assured that they can still chat with your agents since Zopim offers complete compatibility with smaller screens. Zopim is multilingual, thus ensuring that the customers from varied background can use it to contact your agents


Another hugely popular live chat software, LiveHelpNow is reliably excellent and amazingly easy to use. The businesses looking to offer their customers a seamless and highly accessible way to contact their agents can use this software to deliver a great customer support service.


LiveHelpNow makes neat segregation depending on different requirements with its four tabs that go like Visitors, Tickets, Callbacks and Knowledge. These four tabs cover every facet of customer support that includes live chat, making calls to the customers that an agent had previously conversed with, checking out the status of a particular issue via the tickets raised and so on.

Just like Zopim, the LiveHelpNow software also provides the analytics feature through Google services. So with it, you have features like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, the social insights, etc. One feature that makes this software standout is the wherewithal it gives the customers to the agents to chat with multiple customers simultaneously. Again, they have the freedom to find out the customer's location based on their IP addresses. The Whisper function of the software proves to be invaluable while training new operators.


BoldChat keeps it all fuss free. It is one of those software systems that can be acquired by businesses of all sizes as it has plans that are scalable and adaptable.


As an administrator, you can use this software to disperse the incoming chat requests among agents based on their availability and domain expertise. What this ensures is that your customers are spared the hassle of being transferred to another agent in the middle of the call and then being forced to recount their issue right from the scratch.

BoldChat provides an integrated workspace that you may not find with other live chat software systems.
BoldChat has a provision for smooth reporting through its Reporting engine that can help the administrators have a clear account of the activities, pertaining to each and every agent on board. The software also has amazing compatability across all devices ands operating systems, thus ensuring there are no hassles for Smartphone users. Whether you have a pro version or the Enterprise version, you can have a mobile-aware chat window, layered chat windows and comprehensive reporting via the mobiles, etc.

Implementing the live chat service on your website can really help to achieve that interpersonal connection between your customers and your brand. So, weigh your options well and let the live chat feature bring in the riches for you.

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