Introducing InboxWP – Supercharge Your WordPress Transactional Email Delivery

Are you tired of WordPress emails ending up in spam? Well, say goodbye to the frustration because change is coming.

Timely delivery of transactional emails is crucial for maintaining your WordPress site's credibility, making it a paramount concern for any website owner.

No worries; weDevs is introducing InboxWP🔥, the cost-effective solution to transform your WordPress transactional email delivery.

In this post, we will explore InboxWP, a powerful email-sending plugin for WordPress that simplifies and enhances your transactional email experience. We'll also discuss how it can streamline your email-sending process, improve reliability, and reduce stress.

Before that, let's check out the introductory video to get a glimpse of this powerful transactional email sender for WordPress.

Emails that Count: Exploring the Importance of Transactional Emails in WordPress

WordPress-powered websites rely heavily on transactional emails, especially for e-commerce, user registration, and account management activities. These emails are vital communication channels that facilitate smooth and seamless interactions between the website and its users.

WordPress Transactional Email Sender

It can also provide timely and relevant information that enhances the overall user experience, making it an essential component of any successful WordPress site.

What's more?

  1. Confirms transactions and order details
  2. Instant sends account management and password reset emails
  3. Gives the form submission and feedback responses quickly
  4. Delivers the system alerts and notifications
  5. Improves email deliverability by avoiding spam filters
  6. Optimizes conversion rates

InboxWP: One-Stop WordPress Email Delivery Solution

Transactional emails are a type of automated email triggered and sent to users based on their specific actions. For example, password resets, account confirmations, shipping updates, or any other mentioned earlier are transactional emails.

So you must not take any risks by sending these important emails to your recipient's spam folder, right?

Here comes InboxWP, a simple plug-and-play tool that can ensure the timely delivery of your WordPress transactional emails.

Introducing InboxWP - WordPress Transactional Email Sender

Why? Here are the reasons

  • You can keep track of all emails sent from your WordPress website with a comprehensive email log.
  • It seamlessly integrates with any WordPress plugin that sends emails, including forms, eCommerce (such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and more), and memberships.
  • A reliable solution for handling all WordPress transactional emails with just one click. (Note: For mass email marketing, please use a dedicated email marketing platform such as weMail.)
  • InboxWP's secure and reputable sending servers ensure excellent email deliverability.
  • Achieve a high email delivery rate of 99.5% that is consistent across all email clients.

After installing InboxWP, it will manage and ensure the delivery of your transactional emails with ease and without any technical difficulties.

How Does InboxWP Work and Solve the Email Sending Problems

WordPress emails are typically sent via PHP, with the default WP_mail function handling the process. However, this default mail-sending method can be complicated to configure and technically incompatible.

It is a well-known fact that PHP emails do not support SMTP authentication or the use of an external SMTP server, which means that these emails lack spam protection.

By relying on WordPress' default wp_mail sender, your emails are more likely to be marked as spam. This is where InboxWP comes in handy. It's a WordPress tool that can handle and manage your transactional emails, ensuring 100% deliverability.

InboxWP can help you with the following types of emails –

  • Password reset emails: If a user registers or changes their password, they should receive password reset emails promptly.
  • Sign-up emails: When signing up for a new website, you should receive a confirmation email containing your account details.
  • Action-based emails: emails that are triggered by an action, such as completing a course, submitting a form, subscribing to a service, or using an API. These emails are automated and sent out automatically based on specific user actions.
  • eCommerce-related emails: Various types of transactional emails are sent by companies to their customers to keep them informed about their purchase status and other related information. For instance, emails about order confirmation or cancellation, shipping updates, order receipts, billing details, and more

What's More Exciting about InboxWP – Features at a Glance

InboxWP key features

Check out these amazing features that can elevate your WordPress email experience before learning how to get InboxWP on your site.

Take a look –

1. Email signature customizing option

As a professional business owner, it's important to have a strategic and effective email signature that enhances your branding, boosts customer engagement, and increases overall sales.

With InboxWP, customizing your email signature is now easier than ever. Simply verify your email DNS record, and your signature will appear on every delivered WordPress email.

2. Ensures 100% email deliverability

InboxWP solves common email-sending issues with the WordPress email system. It ensures safe and timely delivery by authenticating with every recipient mail server, making it spam-proof.

3. One-stop dashboard for all tasks

Once you have installed InboxWP on your WordPress website, you can easily manage all your system emails from a single dashboard. You won't have to worry about complex settings, configurations, or third-party tools anymore. With InboxWP, you can monitor your transactional email stats, performance reports, and other aspects in one place, which makes things a lot simpler.

InboxWP dashboard

4. Compatibility with other WordPress plugins

InboxWP seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress plugins that send emails, including WP Forms, Contact Form 7, Fluent Form, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, Newsletter, MailPoet, and Paid Membership Pro.

5. Easy filter option to check email logs

InboxWP not only helps you send emails, but it also monitors your email-sending activity and takes necessary actions to improve it. You can easily view and filter all the emails you have sent, both from the backend and frontend, by days, weeks, and months.

6. Relax and enjoy secure sending servers

InboxWP provides secure and reliable email distribution with high delivery rates. Don't worry about technical difficulties, your WordPress transactional emails will reach the user's inbox. We take pride in guaranteeing your order will arrive at its maximum speed. You can trust us to deliver your goods faster than anyone else.

7. Affordable pricing plans

The service is affordable, starting at only $7.99 per month, making it accessible for everyone. We will discuss pricing details later.

8. Get a round the clock support

24/7 support

If you want to do business with complete focus, all you need is support. Once you've onboarded with InboxWP, you can forget about the pressure and load of WordPress email delivery. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to help you with any problem, providing round-the-clock customer service.

Curious about InboxWP? Let's Get started with InboxWP in minutes

It's as easy as eating a pie. As InboxWP is a plug-and-play WordPress tool, all you need to install the plugin, configure it a bit, and start sending.

1. Install and activate InboxWP

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins. Then click Add a new plugin, and then upload a plugin.

Once you've downloaded InboxWP, upload the zip file here, and then Install it.

Install InboxWP

After the installation, activate InboxWP.

Activate InboxWp

2. Connect InboxWP with your WordPress site

Next, you need to integrate your WordPress site with InboxWP. It may take a few tries to complete the connection.

Connect InboxWP with your WordPress

Once you're done, you'll be landed on the billing page. Here, you need to fill out the billing information to enable InboxWP.

Screenshot 2023 11 23 At 3.31.03 Pm

After you've completed the billing part, you'll get a confirmation message.

subscribing InboxWP

Once you have configured the sending process and monitoring progress, your site will be ready to use InboxWP for reliable transactional email delivery. These steps are easy to complete, and once done, you will have everything you need to get started.

Read our detailed and step-by-step InboxWP documentation to see how easily you can get started with this powerful tool.

InboxWP Pricing: Find the Perfect Plan for Your WordPress Transactional Emails

Try InboxWP with the most affordable pricing

InboxWP offers two flexible pricing plans. You can easily switch between them as needed.

1. Personal Plan (Save 46%)

If you're a WordPress user, the personal plan is the best option for you. It comes with numerous benefits. The plan starts at $7.99 per month and has a 30-day refund policy, allowing you to cancel anytime. Additionally, an automatic upgrade is available when you add ten or more sites to your plan.

2. Agency Plan (with an early bird 40% discount)

The agency plan includes all the great features of the personal plan and also provides additional benefits such as bulk pricing and unlimited sites. It starts at just $15 per month, and you can customize the pricing based on your specific needs.

Supercharge Your WordPress Email Sending with InboxWP—Get Ready for a Seamless Experience!

For a WordPress email-sending tool, a seamless user experience and easy configuration are crucial for achieving a maximum deliverability rate. With InboxWP, you get all those amazing features at the most competitive price, making it the perfect solution for you.

Are you ready to begin sending WordPress transactional emails? We're here to help.

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