weFamily Day 2024: Celebrated a Day with Our Loved Ones

At weDevs, we're like one big family. To strengthen this team bond, weDevs celebrated weFamily Day on 24th February 2024 with the tag line- “Let's Enjoy a Fun-Filled Day with Loved Ones”.

weDevs always prioritizes its employees' mental health and well-being. We believe that happy and supported employees are more productive and innovative. By including families in the celebrations, we demonstrate our gratitude for the unwavering support of our families.

7 years ago, our founders: Tareq Hasan and Nizam Uddin introduced this unique concept. And now it has become a flagship event of weDevs.

weFamily Day: How this Amazing Idea Came to Life!

Employee photo session at weFamily day 2024

“weFamily Day” is a day-long event where every weDevs team member comes with their family. The day is filled with engaging activities specifically planned for families, including games, entertainment, and delicious food.

We recognize that our families are our biggest supporters. The day allows them to see where we work, what we do, and the amazing team we are part of.

In 2017, weDevs initiated the idea of integrating family members into their anniversary celebration program. This initiative serves a dual purpose. We want our parents to witness the incredible work we do at weDevs and gain a comprehensive understanding of our daily activities. More importantly, we believe that when families understand and support their loved ones, it fosters a harmonious work environment.

Since then every year weDevs has been celebrating this day to foster a unique culture that values both professional and personal connections. It's an opportunity for the extended weDevs family to come together, share stories, and strengthen the bonds that go beyond the workplace.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to skip our weFamily Day in 2020.

Every year, we all eagerly wait for this day. 2 of our founders came from Turkey just to celebrate this day with everyone. All those who have attended the event in previous years are very eager to come again.

Finally, the day came and together we enjoyed a day filled with love, fun, and laughter.

weDevs Recently Celebrated its 7th weFamily Day

weDevs is celebrating family day 2024

Like every year, this time also weDevs arranged a grand event to spend a full day with team members and their families. To make this day special for our loved ones, we started planning one month ago.

Our respected team leads and HR team together sat for several meetings to make this day successful and enjoyable for all. They visited multiple resorts to fix our venue and finally chose Aronnobash Resort in Pubail Gazipur.

There were gifts for every family member- father, mother, spouse, and kids.

Before the main day, they bought all the gifts and wrapped them with colorful papers. It brought a festive vibe to our day-to-day working life.

weDevs 2023 Flashback: A Year of Innovation, Success, and Growth.

How We Celebrated the weFamily Day 2024

Employee photo session at weFamily day 2024

The day was segmented into various events and activities. We started the day by gathering inside the weDevs headquarters with our families.

It was amazing to see so many happy faces on our office premises. Every day with whom we spend most time that day we get the chance to meet their families. We did some little chit-chat, greeted each other, and started a beautiful day to create unforgettable memories.

weDevs believes in sharing love and they prove it time by time with their activities.

That day we had many elderly people with us who had health issues. But still, they come to greet us and share their happiness.

Heading Towards Our Destination

This time total of 215 people joined us on weFamily Day. weDevs arranged 5 AC buses to take us to the venue.

We started our journey with all of us at 8.30 AM. We had a lot of fun during the journey- we enjoyed light snacks, chitchat, and much more. Finally, we reached our destination at 10.30 AM.

The place was so beautiful. Aronnobash offers a diverse set of locations, decorated with greenery and brick-laid architecture. There was a small playground. Our little champs started playing there immediately after arrival.

We gave a short tour of the resort and went for our breakfast. The food was so tasty and healthy. It recharged us well for the day.

Immediately after having breakfast team members collected their t-shirts and a nice laptop bag. We also got raffle draw tickets for ourselves and each family member.

Introductory Session & Declaration of weFamily Day

Soon we heard an announcement from the stage. It was the voice of our very own Raad Sheraz. He instructed all to gather in front of the stage. After a short welcoming speech, he invited our founders Tareq Hasan and Nizam Uddin onto the stage and handed over the microphone to them.

Later on, Mr. Nizam Uddin inaugurated the event and greeted all. He introduced his family members to all and invited other team leads to join him on the stage.

After that, all the team leads introduced themselves one by one. They gave a short demonstration of their work and invited their team members in front of the stage. After that, all of the team members introduced themselves to the family members.

This introductory session helps our beloved family members to understand what we do at our office and how. It was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other and build a strong bond that extends beyond the workplace.

weDevs authorizes an “Amir” for each of its programs to coordinate all the activities. For this weFamily day, Mohaiminul Islam was appointed as the “Amir”. He is the Product Manager of our hero product “Dokan“. After the introductory session, he announced all the activities of the day and wished for a wonderful day ahead.

Team Photo Session & Prayer Break

In this part, we took photos to capture our sweet memories and emotions. After that, we got a prayer break to perform our “Zuhr” prayer.

weDevs booked rooms so our honorable guests could freshen up and rest there. Some of our female guests also spent time in the swimming pool during this time.

At around 2 pm we got the call for lunch. We rushed to the dining hall and enjoyed our meal together. We enjoyed delicious foods, had fun, and were filled with peals of laughter.

Fun Activities with the Family Members

After having a great meal with the family, we returned to the stage. It was time to play some interesting games.

It started with the game of throwing the “Ball into The Busket”. All the amazing mothers participate in this game. After a tough fight, we found our winners.

On the opposite side, our male team members' wives participated in another game. They played “throw the ball into the goal“. It was a very close game.

The fathers were not sitting around. They played the popular game “Hari Vanga”. In this traditional game, we blindfolded the participants and gave them a stick in their hands. His responsibility was to break a pot near him.

All the dads performed well. But it was tough to find 3 winners for this game. After several rounds, we finally got our winners.

To maximize the happiness we arranged “Throw the Ring and Get the Gift”. All the family members joined this game and everyone won gifts there.

Our weDevs team members volunteered for all the games. They worked hard so our family members could enjoy all the events fully.

As all the games were completed, team members also participated in “Throw the Ring” and “Kick the Ball in the Goal”.

Altogether it made a happy atmosphere all around. We got the chance to strengthen our team bond and foster positivity and goodwill.

Prize Giving Ceremony & Raffle Draw

After having afternoon snacks and prayer we gathered again at the main event place. This time our talented Raad Sheraz again took the microphone and cheered up our guests with his amazing hosting. First, he announced all the winners from different games and our founders handed over the gifts.

Earlier this year, weDevs arranged a sports day where team members joined an inter-department cricket game. On the weFamily day, the founders handed the trophy to the champion team- weDevs Marketing Department.

Prize giving ceremony

We have another indoor tournament of table tennis. The champion of the table tennis tournament was also awarded that day.

After that, we gave some gifts to every single person who attended the program as a token of love. Then we took a short break for Magrib prayer.

Now, it was time for another exciting event raffle draw. We invited two super cute kids on the stage to pick 20 winners randomly. We gave the lucky winners exciting prizes. You can see the joy and excitement on the faces of the winners.

We ended an amazing day filled with endless happiness and unforgettable memories. Many of our guests shared their happiness with us and gave their best wishes for weDevs.

Last year I was a bit hesitant to come. But I enjoyed so much that this year I insisted on coming desptite being ill. I really love the festive environment and the fun activities.

One of the employee's parents

This is the small part of life we call happiness…..

Wrapping Up

We have completed another weFamily day successfully.

The main objective of weFamily Day is to create strong bonding among our team members. It allows us to know about the family members of our beloved working partners. Also, our families get a chance to see where we work and what we do. This personal connection motivates us to keep moving forward.

We look forward to celebrating this special day every year, filled with fun, laughter, and connection. It's a chance to refresh ourselves, strengthen our bonds as the weDevs Family, and prepare for even greater success together.

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