How WP Project Manager saved money and time

WP Project Manager and WooCommerce Order add-on helped Alex save time, get automation, manage projects and earn more revenue with a single solution. Know how.

Alex is the owner of a catering service in NY. So let's hear it from him:

“I am loving the Project Manager and the Order add-on has been a magic. It has all in one place, a very rarity among project managers.

I searched a lot on the web for a complete project management solution but did not find any to be complete with features. Trello or Basecamp did not allow me to track time or check an intermediate status of tasks. With Toggl, I got time tracking but lost features like discussion and commenting.

Moreover, these solutions are hosted, so all my business information are with them, which I am not comfortable with. I also had to use Zapier to call down automation. Trying to use all of these services to get just one thing right was frustrating and also getting expensive. I lost a lot of time on creating tasks, projects manually and sometimes even made mistakes.

Now with WP Project Manager, whenever a client is ordering from my store online, I am getting relevant projects, to-dos and other parameters ready from my presets on my own site automatically without any glitches. Assigning tasks has got easy.Thanks to your solution, I am saved from 3 hours of useless hassle every day. I have now got everything I wanted in a single solution.

The Project Manager is fantastic, it has all the things I need like a full calendar with the tasks and their status, tasks and subtasks, milestones, Gantt charts etc. I have found the time tracking feature most useful because you know, in my line of work time is vital. I always need to see who is working on what for how long and most of the time when I am away, I can stay updated from my iPad. WooCommerce Order add-on integrates deeply with my store and works instantly.

Previously with other solutions where I had to spend around 155$ per month. But now I only spent 136$ ONE TIME ONLY to get WP Project Manager, WooCommerce Order, Time Tracker, Kanban Board and got WP User Frontend free as a limited time offer. Thanks to the developers at weDevs for this amazing solution, I am really happy with it.”

So if you are looking to use WP Project Manager to manage your own projects, follow the links below:

Buy WP Project Manager Plugin

Buy Time Tracker

Buy WooCommerce Order

Buy Kanban Board

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