WooCommerce 2.4 is here!

This August we are seeing a breeze of updates and WooCommerce just released version 2.4 today. We use WooCommerce as the background engine for our popular Dokan Multivendor Plugin. That's why, this update is important to us and to the Dokan users too! Dokan users should benefit from this update well. Let me guide you through the changes in this brief article.
NB. Before updating please do not forget to backup your site. To backup, please follow the guidelines provided by our good friend WordPress.

Simplified Flat Rate and Shipping Features

WooCommerce developers thought that the older shipping page and rates page became cluttery and confusing. So they have minimalised the page options keeping the old functionality intact. They have done a good job. Updating from an older version will merge older values to the new one, smart! They have written an entire blog post on how they planned the simplification.


-“you just need a bit of math” they say if you need to multiply the rate, just like this:

Prioritize Shipping Options

With this little tweak, store owners will now be able to set a priority for the different shipping methods they are offering.


Improved Product Variations

They didn't expect that they will have hundreds of product variations for one product and thus their product page was only optimized for 20 variations. Now they have fixed the issue and sellers can now save hundreds of variations without getting into trouble. Plus, the variations load 20 at a time without refreshing, which is good.

Geolocations for Sellers

Geolocation feature added in WC 2.3 allowed sellers to automatically get tax rates adjusted according to their country/states. But it had some trouble with caches which has now been fixed.

This post is an excerpt from the WooThemes blog release notes, you can read it for an in-depth view of the update.

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