10 Ways to Impress Your Customers – A Guide for Business Owners

The main goal of running a business is to sell your products or services. To do that successfully you have to know how to impress customers

Your product or service may be great or can solve a real-life problem. But, if your customers are not impressed with the shopping experience, you won’t be able to sell your products. Ultimately you will face losses and may have to close your business. 

You don’t have to look far, just take a look at the example of Blockbuster. Yes, the famous video rental company that refused to buy Netflix! Because they failed to adapt to customer preferences and for their poor customer service, they eventually went out of business. 

So, if you don’t want to end up like Blockbuster, you need to up your game and impress your customers.

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Jeff Bezos

Don’t worry, We got you covered. As we have 14 years of experience in doing business in one of the most competitive industries, we may know a thing or two about how to impress your customers. 

We will share that experience with you along with some bonus tips to impress customers while doing a multivendor marketplace. 

Here are the 10 ways to impress your customers and keep them for a long time-

  1. Respond to Customer Inquiries Quickly
  2. Be responsive and attentive
  3. Prove that You Care About Your Customers
  4. Provide Perks to the Loyal Customers
  5. Be consistent and reliable
  6. Understand what your customers need
  7. Follow Up with your customers
  8. Surprise your customers 
  9. Be friendly and personable
  10. Provide genuine help

Let's see the points in detail-

1. Respond to Customer Inquiries Quickly

This goes without saying. While buying a product, customers have different inquiries about the product that they don’t find in the descriptions. Then they use live chat or support to get the answers for their questions. 

But if they have to wait a long time to get their answers, eventually they will abandon their cart and not buy the product. You will lose a customer. 

How to Impress Your Customers inner image

On the contrary, a quick response to their inquiries will help them make the decision quickly and buy the product. 

The longer customers dwell, the chance of them not buying the product will increase. 

2. Be Responsive and Attentive

One thing is to act fast while responding to inquiries, but you can’t be careless with that. While attending queries, you have be to very attentive and responsive. 

Whether you answer by phone, email, live chat or support ticket, make sure you are polite, attentive, and answer promptly and clearly. The customer should feel like you are only here to serve him/her and he/she is the most important person to you right now. 

3. Prove that You Care About Your Customers

Yes, the ultimate goal is to make money. But don’t treat your customers like the money making object. Your customers are aware that as well, that you are trying to make them buy your products. 


Don’t make it obvious. Make a genuine attempt to prove that you care about your customers. Customers will want to treat them as a person, not a sale. They might ask silly questions. But treat the questions as important one and answer them diligently. 

4. Provide Perks to the Loyal Customers

Customer retention is a very big part of any business. Your old customer will bring in new customers. But that depends on what you are doing for the old and loyal customers. 

You need to provide some perks of being a loyal customer to your business. That way they will come back and purchase again while referring their friends and families to buy from you. 

Recently, I bought a room heater from an online eCommerce store. This was my third purchase from the eCommerce store. As a reward, they provided me with a free delivery.  I was so impressed with their customer service that I referred 5 of my friends to buy room heaters from them, 

Little perks like these can go a long way. 

5. Be Consistent and Reliable

You have to be consistent and reliable while giving support. You can’t make false promises. Tell them what exactly can you do for them and if you can’t, tell them that as well. You have to be very transparent. 

Customers will surely recognize your honesty and if they don’t buy the first time, they will surely come back the second time. 

6. Understand What Your Customers Need

This is where being attentive and responsive comes into play. If you pay enough attention to your customers, then you will be able to understand what exactly they are looking for. 

Or, if your product can solve their problem. Also, based on their needs you can describe your product in the right narrative. It goes a long way when you can understand what they’re looking for without them explicitly telling you.

7. Follow Up with Your Customers

Your relationship with the customer doesn’t end when they purchase or signup. It is actually the beginning. And you need to nurture that relationship by following up with an email. You can just find out how the product is working our for them or if they have issues while using the product. 

How to Turn Email Subscribers into Customers

You can also ask for feedback from your customer support. This way, the customers will feel important and will become loyal customers. 

8. Surprise Your Customers

Who doesn’t love surprises? You can surprise your customers by offering them discounts on your products on their birthday or anniversary. Or if you are selling subscription products, then you can offer discounts on their renewal. 

Take the example of Namecheap, the popular hosting company. They offer 15% discount on renewing your domain on your birthday. 

This is a great way to make customers happy. 

9. Be Friendly and Personable

A great strategy for making a positive impression on customers involves maintaining a friendly and personable expression. 

That means you need to show authentic interest, empathy, and enthusiasm, rather than appearing cold or indifferent. Adopting an optimistic attitude, as opposed to a negative one, is crucial. 

Steer clear of complaints, criticisms, or conflicts that may harm the relationship, and focus on cultivating rapport, trust, and loyalty. Infuse humor and fun into interactions, ensuring they remain appropriate and professional.

10. Provide Genuine Help

Distinguishing yourself from competitors becomes effortless when you treat individuals as more than just numbers. 

This goes beyond merely responding to inquiries and quoting product prices. If a customer selects a product and casually mentions an additional need, the opportunity to make a lasting impression arises. 

By going the extra mile to assist them in obtaining information about the unrelated item, even if it's not within your product range, you instantly showcase a commitment to personalized service and customer satisfaction.

Bonus: How to Impress Your Multivendor Marketplace Customers

B2B Wholesale Multivendor Marketplaces Using Dokan and WholesaleX

You are a vendor and you have an online store, great! You have awesome products which you are slightly proud of too, even better! But surprisingly you are not having sales as you expected. The problem might be that people are coming to your store, browsing a few products, and then leaving with dissatisfaction in mind.

No worries, you still have a chance to get them back. I am going to show you 6 ways to impress your potential customers and earn their trust. Follow these simple tips and get rolling.

1. Authenticate your Store Information

You can get your market admin to verify your store and yourself as a vendor. Verification will ensure the sellers that you are doing a legit business and the information you are displaying to contact your customers are all valid. Which means they can rely on your product quality and reputation.

Currently Dokan Multivendor allows vendors to verify information like social profiles, addressesmobile numbers or email addresses etc with their add-on named Seller Verification.

2. Add Social Profiles to Your Store

Before switching to an online store or besides having a store, there is a high chance you have a Facebook page or some other social networking to publicize for your store. Won't it be nice if you could link your social profile and store together and bring all the goodness of your social networking reputation straight in to your store?

Dokan Multivendor lets you connect your Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other social account directly into your storefront. Customers visiting your store will be able to click on the icon and they will be taken directly to that profile. Customers will be able to receive regular updates of your store even when they are on social sites in this way.

3. Provide Support and Answer Your Customers' Queries

It will be great if your customers can directly contact you and very easily for small to large questions. Customers usually have pre-sales queries about product quality o r packing etc to more serious and elaborate topics like shipping taxing etc. Dokan Multivendor has an excellent little add-on called Dokan Store Support that puts a button on your storefront to give your customers a one click solution. By clicking that button, a customer will be able to open a support ticket with you and they will get mail notifications if you reply.

4. Add Store Graphics and Themes

dokan store banner

There are tons and tons of e-commerce themes online that totally rock. You should obviously take that advantage to customize and personalize your store with a nice theme, add an unique logo to your store and create banners or add sliders to your storefront. Dokan Multivendor comes with a very flexible and responsive Dokan theme, and its completely free and open source. Dokan also supports almost all WooCommerce themes, WooThemes are very popular for their work.

5. Get High Ratings on Marketplace

Most marketplaces offer customers to rate a vendor or the products he/she is selling from the store. This way a market gets a competitive environment where vendors thrive to keep their store's ratings high.

By judging the ratings on a store or a product, customers will be able to trust you more and the higher the ratings you have the more you will impress them first hand. Dokan Multivendor has a built in product ranking and reviewing system. Store or vendor ratings are currently based on the average of the ratings of the products, but they are adding an additional rating for vendors soon.

6. Offer Something Nice!


Most marketplaces will allow vendors to give discounts on products or offer coupons. You can do that using Dokan Multivendor too. An upcoming feature of Dokan will allow you to impose additional discount on all or any product which will not require any admin approval.

Dokan Multivendor- The Best Marketplace Multivendor Plugin


Dokan is a Multivendor Marketplace powered by WooCommerce and backed up by WordPress.

Dokan is the only Frontend solution on the market that has escrowed payment – commission system, SEO, adaptive payments, and has a wider set of features than another plugin. Dokan has unparalleled feature extendability through add-ons.
You can try Dokan for FREE or upgrade to PRO version. Dokan handles market migration quite effortlessly and allows you to import all of your previous store data on products and customers like a piece of cake.

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