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To make a website in to different languages become trend now. Specially for popular Blogs / Site . There are many popular WordPress plugins out there to translate your WordPress site in to other language(s) . Some popular plugins are –

Anyway… If you want a nice simple way to allow anyone to read your blog, albeit with some strange translation, Google is the way to go. Today i will show you the easy way to add Google language translation to WordPress, in the most logical spot: sidebar position.

1. Login to your Google account (don’t have one? Get one free here).

2. Visit Google’s language management page. (new window)

3. Click the Add to your website now button.

4. On the next page you’ll need to copy and paste in your website address and choose the base language of your site.

5. Next you will need to customize the widget to your liking. If you’re going to be putting it in the sidebar I would select the vertical design. Also if you want to be able to track the widget in your Google Analytics reports you can paste in your Analytics Web Property ID which will look something like UA-38004350-0.

check bellow image –

6. Click the Get Code button and copy and paste the 2 code snippets Google will give you om the next page.

7. Login to your WordPress site and go to Appearance >> Editor.

On the right hand channel you want to click on the Header file. This will allow you to edit the header.php file on your active theme.

Just look for : </head> word

8. Paste the meta tag snippet that Google gave us just above this little tag. You can use the search function on your browser of you have trouble finding it. (Mac – Command + F  Windows – Control + F)

9. Click Update File.

10. Navigate to Appearance >> Widgets and drag a new text widget to your sidebar where you would like the translation widget to appear.

11. Paste in the second bit of code Google gave us into the open widget text space  and press Save.

Refresh your site (hold SHIFT and press the reload button) and you should now see a new translation drop down on your WordPress website in your desire Widget Location.

Hope you like it and will make your website readable for Everyone !

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