WPUF Pro – Version 2.1.8 released

Today we are releasing version 2.1.8 of WP User Frontend PRO.


  1. [new] associate uploaded images to post area
  2. [new] tags autocomplete
  3. [new] default post form assignment
  4. [new] taxonomy exclude/include/child_of feature
  5. [new] free subscription option
  6. [new] new edit post status “No Change”
  7. [new] delete transaction option
  8. [new] signup page override redirection
  9. [new] insert photo: image size selection
  10. [new] insert photo: type of image selection
  11. [new] “pending” post edit enable/disable option

Update Details

1. All the uploaded images weren't attached to the post before. This has been fixed in this version.

2. Tags autocomplete feature has been landed as the same you see in wp-admin area
post tags and taxonomy auto complete feature

3. All of you are familier with I don't know how to edit this post, I don't have the form ID error. As a simple solution, now you can assign a default fallback form in the settings.
default post form selection

4. Tired of typing so many exclude term ID in your form to exlude a bunch of categories? May be this will help you now.

Taxonomy exclude, include and child-of feature

5. Finally, free subscription feature. Giving price “0” to a pack ID will make the subscription free. You can only buy the free subscription once, not multiple times.

free subscripton package

6. A new post status for post editing – “No Change”. Selecting this post status will persist your previous post status. So, if the previous post status was “pending”, editing the post will keep the post status still in “pending”. And if the post status was “publish”, the post status will remain “publish” post status.

No change post status on edit page

7. Now you can delete your transaction, the feature wasn't there before sadly!

delete transactions

8. Select the image size and type will be inserted in the post content area when inserting an image via “Insert Photo” button.

insert photo type and size

9. You might don't want to give an user to edit his post when the post is in “pending” status. It's for you!

disable pending post edit

You don't have the PRO version yet? Grab it here.

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