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    After a post is created via WP User Frontend Pro, it appears as a draft in my “Job Postings” custom field. I can go in and publish it if the information submitted in the post checks out and is appropriate. That all works fine, no issue.

    But if I got back into the post via the wp-admin (regular dashboard) and submit changes, the site hangs for quite a while and I end up with over 1500 copies of the post I just tried to edit. They all look like:

    ————————– *Name of Page* | Parent Page *Name of Page*, where the “—-” get longer and longer with each duplicate.

    I looked online and found that Relevanssi is usually the culprit… but I do not have that installed. So, could it be another plugin or is there something wrong with Frontend Pro?

    I am on version 2.3.5 for the WP User Frontend Pro, and version 2.10 for WPFront User Role Editor.

    WordPress 4.2.2

    Plug-ins I have installed AND activated (assume up to date unless version given):
    Advanced Custom Fields
    Arconix FAQ
    Breadcrumb NavXT
    Gravity Forms
    Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types
    Import Users From CSV with Meta (version 1.4)
    Really Simple CSV Importer
    Rewrite Rules Inspector
    The Events Calendar
    The Events Calendar: Community Events
    The Events Calendar PRO
    View Own Posts and Media Library Items Only
    WooCommerce (version 2.3.11)
    WooCommerce Intuite QBMS Gateway
    WPFront User Role Editor
    WP User Frontend Pro

    Please let me know if any more information is needed to help diagnose the issue.


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    I think there is plugin conflict. Please check for plugin conflict because we did not get this kind of issue from anyone till now. Also please update the plugin to the latest version which is v2.3.6.



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    I have found other people with this issue when they had a plugin conflict with Relevanssi, but it was just a quick settings change to fix. I do not have this plug in installed – the only plugin that I could think would be causing the issue is Advanced Custom Fields, but I am not sure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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