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    We are looking to launch a multi-vendor store and have a few questions:

    1. Will Dokan function with other Woocommerce plugins such as shipping and tax plugins?

    2. We are creating a custom payment solution and want to make sure making it as a Woocommerce plugin will function with Dokan theme.

    3. Is it possible to rate individual stores currently?

    4. Can we set a % commission per range of price? For example:
    $1-$50 gets 2% commission
    $50-100 gets 1% commission
    $100+ gets .75% commission

    5. Is it possible to message between user and seller?


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    Hi there,

    thank you for your questions. asnwers are as follow:

    1. Dokan should be functional with any standard Woocommerce plugins. But, per product shipping will not works. We are working on an add-on which will cover it. We are hoping to release it with in few days.

    Add-ons page: http://wedevs.com/dokan-add-ons/

    2. same as answer 1. If it works for woocommerce then it will works for Dokan theme.

    3. no sorry, currently you can setup a flat rate. But, we are planning an add-on for that.

    4. no sorry.

    5. yes, its already a build-in feature. Between, we released an add-ons named: Product Enquiry
    so, users can enquiry on individual products as well.
    link: http://wedevs.com/plugin/dokan/product-enquiry/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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