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    Esben Ninja
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    Hi WeDevs

    I have been following your Dokan theme for some time now, and have been playing around in the demo quite alot. I see that you are quick at developing and correcting errors which is a major selling point for me. For me to be able to use your theme and add-ons, there are still small adjustments that need to be made. I think that the adjustments i will list below are not very specific to my use, and are something a lot of users would benefit from.

    I will probably add PP Adaptive at a later point, but to start with i will be using Wire Transfer for all payments.


    1. Per product shipping (PPS): Right now Customers can order a product, even though shipping for customers country is not listed in the PPS options on the Shipping tab of Edit Product.

    I tried to disable all shipping methods, except PPS. When i made an order to a country not listed in products PPS settings, Free Shipping option was suddenly available, and the order could be placed.
    I need sellers to be able to restrict shipping to the countries they wish.

    (at no time was the “Everywhere else” option active)

    In addition, in the product catalog and search results, it would be nice with a “Shipping to: [dropdown menu]” to only show products shipping to the country specified in the dropdown. I imagine the dropdwon menu to be placed next to the sorting dropdown.

    2. Sellers should be able to change order status to completed.
    Admin should be able to choose names for order statuses (I guess the last one can be done by editing the PO file, but it would be a nice feature)

    In my case, this is how it would ideally work:

    On hold = “Waiting for payment” (automatically set when order is made, like it is now)
    Processing = “Payment confirmed” (Set by admin when payment is confirmed)
    Completed = “Order shipped” (Set by seller when order is shipped)


    3. Per Product shipping: I see that you just made an update so that shipping can be charged per order instead of per product, which is nice. To make it even better you should add the option of “additional cost”, example:

    Ships to: [dropdown] | Cost [input box] | Additional cost [input box]

    The additional cost is added to total shipping if the product is bought with other products from the same seller. The shipping would be calculated like this: Highest “Cost” + “Additional cost” + “Additional cost” + … = Total shipping cost

    4. Ability for sellers to save PPS settings as a profile. Would make it a lot faster when adding a lot of products.

    4. Reviews: Right now everybody can place a product review, even if they haven't bought the product. It should only be allowed for customers with a completed order for the specific product to place a review.

    It would be nice if reviews were split in “Seller reviews” and “Product reviews”, and seller reviews was displayed on the sellers shop page. Again, reviews should only be possible with a completed order from the specific seller.

    Also there should be a “Review” button on customers “Orders” page, next to each order.

    5. Attributes: Right now attributes added to a product in front end, does not work with the Search filters.

    I think the best solution for my use would be:

    Admin controls attributes from backend, and the attributes are based on product category. When seller adds a product from frontend they can choose between only the predetermined attributes. This way the attributes would be standardized, and it would work well with the Search filters.


    5. Backend > WooCommerce > Orders: Orders with sub orders are counted wrong. An order consisting of 2 sub orders are counted as 3, it should only be counted as 2 i guess.

    7. Seller “Dashboard” should also show “Sales minus commission” (or “Earnings”) as well as “Sales”.

    8. Seller “Reports” should also show “Payed in commission”

    9. In Backend > Dokan > Earnings reports > All logs: Would be nice with a “Date to Date” filter and a “Total sum” of “Orders”, “Seller earnings” and “Commission” at the bottom of the page.

    10. Show shipping prices for each seller in cart. As it is now the customer can't see which seller charges what for shipping, only the combined price.

    11. Seller can't withdraw full amount. I tried to withdraw a total balance of €46, but could't, it said something like “balance not available”. However i could withdraw €45.99

    So to sum it all up, i guess what i would like to know is if the 2 critical points are something you are working with for the next update, or if you would consider it. I would like to buy the script soon and start setting it up, i just need to know if i will be able to use it the way i intend.
    The rest of the points are just small bugs and recommendations.

    Best Regards,


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    Hello Esben,

    I'm gonna reply you according to your issue numbers

    1. This is a really great suggestion. We're also thinking about this feature and we'll definitely implement this feature in the future.
    2. This feature is already available.
    3. We'll think about that in future.
    4. We didn't understand what you're trying to say by “PPS Settings As Profile”. Can you make this more clear.
    4. This is a built in feature of WooCommerce. You can control who can post reviews from WooCommerce Settings. Currently we have the product review option only. But we'll implement Seller review ASAP.
    5. This is a good suggestion as well. We're thinking about this too.
    6. Sub orders are for the sellers, and the main order is for total calculation. We just splatted that for easy calculation. And we're assuring you, that it won't cause any problem to you at all.
    7. To show the total sell, we're showing Sales with Admin/Owner commission. And in the withdraw page we're showing only the available amount. We made the difference just to let the seller know, exactly what amount is he selling. But if you want both of the amounts to be same, we can do that for you.
    8, 9 and 10 : we'll think about this.
    11. admin could set minimum withdraw amount. it depends on admin setting. admin could set it to “0”.

    Great review.
    thank you.


    Esben Ninja
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    Hello again

    Thank you for your thorough answers to my questions. You convinced me to go with Dokan theme for my website!

    To be more precise about “PPS Settings As Profile”:

    If a seller has, let's say, 10 different shipping costs for 10 different shipping locations, it would be a tedious process to type them in for every product added. Also “Shipping policy” and “Refund policy” has to be typed for every product.
    So it would be a nice feature if seller was able to save the shipping options, and recall them easily on the Edit product – Shipping tab, as a ‘profile' or a ‘preset' if you will. I imagine it like a dropdown menu, right under the “Enable shipping options” checkbox, where you can choose from previously saved ‘profiles', and that would fill out the rest of the form for you.

    Best Regards,


    Post count: 371

    This would be a nice feature, a great suggestion I must say. You are a good analyst. we must discuss about this feature with the author.

    Thank you.

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