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    Hi there,

    I have been testing out the new custom attributes feature but have been having some problems. I set up a test seller account but when I go to the attributes section as a seller on the listing page and select a custom attribute from the drop down menu, the only thing I can do is click ”add new category” which simply adds a new attribution and does not assign it to the pre existing attribute.

    For example, lets say I set a colour attribute inside the woo commerce plugin and put blue and green in the options/categories. When a seller then lists and item, the ”colour” attribute will show in the drop down menu. However, there are no further options to select either blue or green, the seller simply adds a brand new attribute and does not assign it to the already existing ones.

    I'm trying to set up up so that a seller can set a location attribute. For example, the seller sets the items location as in the USA. Then, when I add the woo commerce attributes widget to the shop sidebar, buyers can narrow down searches by location.

    This new feature simply allows sellers to select from a pre existing attribute but does not allow them to select from a pre existing category from inside that attribute. I also noticed that now, when I myself add a product via the WP dashboard and select an attribute, it does not show the categories created inside that attribute via the woo commerce attributes section. For example, I can select the colour attribute but there is no selection for blue or green.

    That means, sellers can select a colour attribute and enter the colour themselves rather than attach it to an already existing category. Therefore, I could have 100 sellers all selling a blue item but none of them are linked to each other.


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Paul,
    Yes you're right. Each seller and their store is unique. So is their attributes.
    Are you having any other issues?


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    Hi Paul,

    Admin can create pre-defined attributes for all customers from admin-panel > Product > attributes. seller will have the attributes in add or edit products page. seller can also create unique attributes.

    thank you


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    Ok thanks for the help.

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