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    Chad Wilson
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    I have a few questions before purchasing Dokan and also some ideas for future releases. I have used uMarketplace suite for magento and its probably the most feature rich marketplace available. I believe your plugin can come close to its features with the addition of a few options.

    1. Split cart items by vendor/seller. Allow to choose shipping per vendor/seller cart total or use vendors default if there is only one option. The image below doesnt show the shipping option per seller but it is an option.

    2. Use Paypal adaptive (parallel) for processing carts with up to 5 vendors.

    3. Allow vendors/sellers to choose shipping per cart total in front end. Image below shows an example of what it could look like. This total would show in the shopping cart per vendor.

    4. The vendors home page currently shows categories and you can go to products form the vendors home. It would be more useful if when a visitor goes to a vendors product from the vendors home page that the product is listed under that vendors name in navigation similar to layered navigation in magento.

    In the image below it shows Dokan's vendor homepage with store categories.

    This is what the page looks like once you choose a product. The customer is taken to the main store products page and away from the vendors homepage area.

    It should work like this.

    This way if the customer uses the homepage of the vendor to get to a product the customer can add that vendors product and go back to viewing other products from the same vendor. The way its setup now is that the customer can get lost in the main website product list. It is a very good selling option for future vendors/sellers. Some vendors want to use a marketplace as their main website. When they give their custom URL to customers this way the customers can view only vendors products and categories and stay within those products and categories. If the customer wants to view other products in the main store they can go to the main store page and search from there.

    5. Add a module on the products page showing vendor image, name, short description, inquiry and link to store home.

    5. Add an option to have vendors name on their products thumbnail like the image below. This isn't a must have but it is a cool option.

    I hope that these features can be added in the near future so I can migrate some new projects to your plugin because I think its very impressive. Let me know if this might be possible? Thanks.


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Chad,

    First of all we would like to thank you, that you spent your valuable time to test our product and provided feedback to improve it. We are really glad that you posted on our forum.

    1. We have considered this idea when making Dokan and releasing it for the first time. But this was a real complex issue and we found implementing this will not be that much fruitful. So we left it and we do not have any plan to work on it again.

    But we have included Per Product shipping feature to Dokan plugin 2.0. That will help you for sure.

    2. We have an add-on for PayPal Adaptive. So this feature is optional.

    3. As we have implemented per product shipping, we do not have any plan to implement any more feature for shipping in next couple of months.

    4. 5. and 6. I have added them in our ideas list. We may implement them in our future updates.


    Chad Wilson
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    Would it at least be possible to group products in the cart by seller? Its kind of confusing for customers when the products are scattered all over the cart. This would help customers choose which products they want from each seller before continuing to checkout. Thanks.

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