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    Implement the ability to sell services to sellers (users dokan), type:
    – For a fee, to raise for a limited (configurable owner dokan) his shop in the issuance of, among other stores. Other types to declare itself.
    – For a fee, to give the opportunity to place a certain number of images of the goods (package – for $5/month can accommodate up to 3 images for each product, for $10/month – 5 images, etc. All these parameters must be set by the owner Dokan).
    – For a fee, to give the opportunity to place a certain amount of goods (batch, as with the example images).
    – For a certain fee to be able to differentiate your store from the list of stores, or their goods in the common list of goods.
    – For a fee, to have the opportunity of branding your store (banners etc)
    – etc.
    This is a store for store`s. Maximum monetization of the project.

    To complement the “shipping” – At the moment it is impossible to raschetti exact shipping cost to the buyer, even if the delivery occurs within one country,
    with the exception of the County Monaco =), in fact, the shipping cost can vary dramatically, so you need to make a function that will be posulate seller to make a preliminary calculation of the shipping cost before buying a specific buyer.

    Example (even if you have installed the add – on “Per product shipping”):

    As it looks now:
    1. The buyer enters the store.
    2. Selects the item.
    3. Added in the cart.
    4. Proceed to pay.
    5. Pay considering the cost of shipping.

    Under this scheme, the seller should know what city/country the buyer, or to install a VERY approximate shipping cost to the city buyer (and to register manually the shipping cost in ALL cities, it is simply impossible), in this context, the seller or overstates the cost of delivery (averaging), or profit, assuming a lower shipping cost.

    How to do:

    1. The buyer enters the store.
    2. Selects the item.
    3. Added in the cart.
    4. SENDS the ORDER TO the AGREEMENT WITH the SELLER, which automatically seller will verify the availability of the product and make tocsy calculation of delivery to the city buyer.
    5. Payment for an adjusted invoice.

    When sending the request to the seller, the buyer must provide their personal information and preferences:
    Address of the payer and the payee (as in the current form).
    – Desired delivery service.

    Something like that… =)

    Please forgive me for my english) More precisely, we ask forgiveness for his translate.google English)


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Andrey,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I have have forwarded these to the developer team ๐Ÿ™‚

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