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    we are experiencing several problems testing our Dokan project.
    Our project allows just paypal payments (now in sandbox).

    1- If a client makes a payment after a purchase, no earning is visible on sellers dashboard and no withdraw is possible
    2- If a client makes an order, no units are taken from the original stock
    3- In some occasions I was able to see a withdrawable balance. For ex: balance 325.00. I tryed a withdraw of 200.00 (with limit set to 100.00). Withdraw request was visible, but the remaining balance was 0.00 when it should be 125.00.
    Also I tryed to cancel the withdraw request and my seller's account remained with 0.00 balance and no refund.

    All summarized: it's a mess.

    I really can't imagine what we are doing wrong, also because those are all Dokan native features.
    We need to proceed in order to by other plugins (like Adaptive Payments).

    Thank you.


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    We have some update.
    We solved the stock problem, but we are still struggling with withdraw.
    Seller percent is 90% but no earning is reported, consequently withdraw function is useless.

    Also we tryed to cancel an order. The stock remained unchanged.

    Can you help us?


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    Hello Motteo,

    We are in vacation and for this reason, our support is slow.

    Can you please provide few screenshots of the withdraw section of that seller (Before and after).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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