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    Hello, I've been studying the plugin but I have a question regarding the subscription pack.
    From what I see you can set up different packages with different prices.
    Let's say that I want to set up packages like this:

    30 Days Coupon – it will cost 3 $ and you will be able to submit 1 post that will be valid 30 day's on the website
    60 Days Coupon – it will cost 5 $ and you will be able to submit 1 post that will be valid 60 day's on the website
    90 Days Coupon – it will cost 7 $ and you will be able to submit 1 post that will be valid 90 day's on the website
    After a post will expire will go in draft mode and I need to have an option to renew the post. For example in the dashboard view, where a subscriber can edit his post, I need to have that option.

    Currently the problem is that if the post will expire I have no option of renewing it.
    Also the big problem is that I can't set up the expiration date for the post. And I can't configure the packages the way I want.
    Basically now if you make a package that will have Pack Validity 30 day's that means that you can post a post in 30 day's (if you limit the posts to 1). So the post will not expire after 30 Day's, only your pack validity will expire.

    Please let me know if there is any way to get a subscription pack where I can set a period of time for each post.

    Thank you


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    Currently when your subscription expired your all post status change to draft.
    Unfortunately, there are no way to control post expiration date/time with wpuf currently. But, we are planning to add this on next version.


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    Ok so what about the renew post option. Am I able to add that function if the user will be logedin, in the dashboard? Can he renew his listing buy buying a new subscription pack?
    Or how is it working?


    Tareq Hasan
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    There is some mis-information here.

    When your subscription expires, any posts doesn't go to draft mode. It's just, they can't post anymore. Existing post remains fine.

    If you post the [wpuf_sub_info] shortcode in dashbaord, users will see the current subscription info of them.

    I understand what you are trying to do, but it's not entirely possible currently with WP User Frontend.


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    Are you saying the post stays live?

    Is there a way to have the post removed after the expired time?
    I would like to use this as a listing service where after 30 days or 90 day the post is no longer visible.

    Please tell me this is possible….


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    @cursal – its not possible with wpuf-pro. but, i saw few people managed this by using post expiration plugin, which i believe free in WP-repo.

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