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    I'd like to double check if the plugin supports my requirements :

    1. Users must be registered/logged in to submit/upload images.
    Tried your demo account, but I can only show registration form, and no log in form. Do I have to use the meta login (meaning I need to put it in the sidebar?).
    Also, is it possible to enable the users log in using facebook connect?

    2. I tried your demo account, but the post won't show any images, just the title and description.

    3. Logged in users are able to see and edit their posts.
    In the demo account, I don't see this feature.

    4. I'm using a wordpress template, will the post submitted by users follow the format of the post in that template?

    5. Will the admin be able to export the list of registered users?

    6. I need the post submitted by users can be shared socially by others (tweet/like/pin it)
    I suppose I should use another plugin and configure it on the posts, am i right?

    Thanks much before


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    Hello nana,

    Answers are –

    1. yes, only registered users can create posts. Just make sure you do not allow Guest post from form settings

    – for frontend login we recommend to use Theme My Login plugin

    – Social login is not part of this plugin. You may use any third party plugin.

    2. You can enable it from settings area to show meta values. But, you may require to adjust it by editing your template. Documentations here

    3. Yes, users can edit/delete their posts if you allow them to do so.

    4. Yes, you can assign format from post settings, but again you may require to adjust your template file.

    5. Its not related with this plugin. You may use other plugin to do this.

    6. yes , you are right. Use any social share plugin.

    Let us know if you have any further question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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