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    I've been having an inconsistent problem with my product pages– in certain browsers they load to the bottom of the product page. Originally I thought this was due to a mailchimp form in the footer of the site. No other pages loaded to bottom, just product pages but I took away the mailchimp form and the issue appeared to go away. I'd read that some entry forms can cause page loads to the form location. So I though it was fixed.

    Now, all such forms are off the site but the problem, on product page (not any other pages) is happening again. Now the product page seems to load to the product inquiry tab (Dokan Product Inquiry add on) and then quickly to the footer of the page. This only happens in Chrome browser (though I am told by a friend that it also happens in some Apple browsers) not Mozilla.

    I turn off the product inquiry plugin and the problem goes away. So — can you look into this matter of the Product Inquiry form causing this problem? When I was researching the Mailchimp form, I discovered that some forms are set up to bring the browser straight to the form — perhaps this is what is happening on the product inquiry form?

    You can check it (Chrome in Window8 is where I see the problem) on any product page on my site — here is the shop page http://bit.ly/1cYU7NN and here is an example product page http://bit.ly/1GrsJ5A

    I appreciate your fix on this. I can always remove other forms from my site, but the product inquiry form must remain on the product pages. Thanks!


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    Hello Brenda,

    I have reproduced this issue and get noticed that “Dokan Product Inquiry add on” is creating the problem. Please allow me some time to fix this issue.

    What have you discovered by researching the Mailchimp form? Can you please get me any clue?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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