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    I've purchased this plugin and have some questions about it.

    1) There are two methods of getting paid – the chained and parallel payment method. I know that if I use the parallel payment method, then the customer can only purchase from a total of 5 sellers in one order, right? This is because payment would go to those 5 sellers and the rest would come to the admin, making him the sixth seller. Please confirm.

    2) If I use the chained method, then is it possible for the customer to buy from as many sellers as possible since all payment will be coming to the admin?

    3) If I'm to use the chained method, then how do I go about sending the payment to the sellers? Do I have to login to my admin everytime an order is made and send the payment to the sellers, or is there an automatic way of doing this? Such that when I receive the full payment, it is automatically split (after deducting commission) and sent to the sellers?

    4) How would refunds work under both methods?

    a) Under parallel; Say a customer places an order from multiple sellers, and is not happy with one of the items – how would the refund be issued? Part of the payment would have come to the admin and part would have gone to the particular seller, so how would this be resolved?

    b) Under parallel; What if a customer opens a dispute, how does this work? What if the dispute is only with one of the items in the order? The admin can resolve their part by re-imbursing the customer but whatabout the seller? Is it possible to open a dispute with the seller account as well?

    c) Under chained; If a customer starts a dispute, then whose paypal account would be charged? Presumably it would be the admin who is responsible for sending out payments. But then can the admin open a dispute with the seller's paypal account as well?


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