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    I have some questions before I buy Dokan. I need to make sure I understand what I am getting.

    Do I need WP Front End Pro in order to use Dokan? If I don’t use WP Front End Pro does that mean that sellers will have access to the backend of wordpress?

    I want the sellers to be paid directly. Do I have to buy Adaptive Payments in order for that to happen? Is there a way to have the sellers paid directly AND still receive a commission from each sale?

    If you use the Adaptive Payments, what happens with refunds? Does the seller pay the full amount of the refund?


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hi Lion,

    1. No, you do not need to buy any other extra plugin, theme or add-on. Dokan has a built in frontend feature and you can turn off back office access.

    2. Yes, if you want to pay the sellers instantly, then you must use PayPal Adaptive Payment add-on. This add-on makes the sellers a primary receiver and the admin a secondary receiver. Admin and the sellers, I mean everyone can receive payments in real time.

    3. According to PayPal rules, the primary receiver is always the person who makes the refunds. So if a customer files a dispute, the seller will be liable for refunds.


    Jacek r
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    Do I have to buy “PayPal Adaptive Payment add-on” or it is included in Dokan price?


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    Hello Jacek r,

    Yes, you have to purchase “PayPal Adaptive Payment add-on” for Dokan.

    Thank you 🙂

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