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September 11, 2015 at 9:35 pm 71448
Nayem Questions/Requests WP FRONTEND USER PRO 1.The Idea of renewall/mail so post won’t be deleted and will be extended for x amount of days. Also would be great that the people can see their post in draft mode in dashboard and the post won’t be deleted so they can renew that post and pay for it and than the post will be activated again and moved to the top of all posts. See forum topic started by Jasmin: “I need to send an email after certain days to the author of the paid post, saying that in 2 days his post will expire and will be deleted. Inside this mail should be a link to pay again 1€ and to reactivate the post for another 18 days i.e. and then again after 16 days he will get an email after 16 days and so on and so on.” 2. The ability to select multiple post types for x posts. So cusom post types “cars” “bikes” ‘’boats’’ subscription is max 30 posts! So not 30 posts for every post type not 10 posts per custom post type but those post types combined 30 posts! Hope my explanation is good enough to understand what i need. 3. What about administration/invoices/vat? How do people handle this now? 4. Payment gateways per multinetwork website. Let me explain. The wp multisite network will exist in multiple languages/country's. For every country there need to be custom payment gateways. Is it possible to select what payment method you want per website/blog? Example: site 1 (The Netherlands): Standerd paypal / Custom payment gateway(iDeal*). site 2 (Belgium): Standerd paypal / Custom payment gateway(Mistercash*). site 3 (Germany): Standerd paypal / Custom payment gateway(SOFORTBanking*). etc. etc. *Yes i know those payment gateways don't exist right now and will not come standerd in the package but i will hire developer to make those plugins for me then. I'm consider to buy the dev version of WP FRONTEND USER PRO and maybe some other plugins but i'm not sure Thanks for reading this and i hope you can awnser all my questions and considering to inplement new functions. Kind Regards, Patrick Groot | Zaanmedia
September 14, 2015 at 11:02 am 71694
Nayem Nayem

Hello Patrick,

I am really sorry for being late. Your mail was stored in the spam.

1. As you have seen in that topic, we do not have this feature right now. When the subscription will expire user will not be able to create a post and their previous post will be there. But if you will use subscription and also post-expiration in the form then it can do something similar. You have a pack with the 30 days validity and your form post-expiration limit set as 30days. So after 30 days subscription pack will expire and also the post will expire after 30 days and it will show as a draft. But when the user will renew his pack those draft post status will not be changed.

I will keep this request in my log.

2. You have to select the post type from the post settings of a form. It is not related with the subscription. In the form, you can use only one custom post type to post.

3. I am not clear about this question. Please describe me in more details.

4. I am really sorry to say that it is not possible. You have to select only one gateway for your entire site. You can not select different gateway for your different site in the multisite system. If you want to get this kind of feature then you have to customize the plugin.


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