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Michiel Michiel

Can you suggest a safe way to do this, then ? Regarding our users (like hashes for passwords, etc.) and general safety

Michiel Michiel

Again, I’d really like to avoid that. It seems too invasive. Can’t you just tell me what do you want to try or run something with debug so you can further understand what the problem is ?

Michiel Michiel

I had it already set the permalink to “post name”. I hit save anyways and didn’t changed a bit (the error is exactly the same). It didn’t resolve the issue.

Any other idea ?

Michiel Michiel

It’s not an option for us to upgrade wordpress. We use debian stable and we want to use that. And we are using the latest version of your plugin (check the versions I posted and let me know if it’s not the last one).

What can I do to use the plugin on debian stable without errors ?

Michiel Michiel

Sorry, the URL is not showing. Something like: /how-phplist-helps-you-follow-canadas-new-casl-spam-law/feed/

Michiel Michiel

The problem seems to be the WP Project Manager plugin. I disabled all the plugins except for:

WP Project Manager – Frontend (version 1.2.1)
WP Project Manager PRO (version Version 0.5.3)

Even then, when I go to a URL like: /\/feed the error is shown. If I disable those plugins, the error is not shown.

So it seems the plugin is having problems with wordpress itself. I’m using wordpress 3.6.1+dfsg-1~deb7u4 from debian stable.

Is there some other test that can help you fix the bug in WP Project Manager ?

Michiel Michiel

Is that the only option ? I’d like to try some other way first, if possible. I find doing that kind of invasive. I received by email a reply asking for the plugins installed. So, can I just give you that now ? Giving admin access seems like too much as a first step IMHO.

So, just in case the list of plugins is useful, I’ll tell you that I’m using wordpress from debian stable and the plugins installed are:

add-meta-tags/ version 2.4.3
akismet/ version 3.0.2
bp-security-check/ version 1.2.0
buddypress/ version 2.0.1
buddypress-activity-plus/ version 1.6
buddypress-group-email-subscription/ version 3.4
buddypress-groupomatic/ version 1.0.4
buddypress-sitewide-activity-widget/ version 1.2
buddypress-social/ version 2.0
buddypress-usernames-only/ version 0.6
editorial-calendar/ version 3.1.1
export-user-data/ version 0.9.3
media-vault/ version 0.8.12 (not active)
restrict-categories/ version 2.6.3 (not active)
scalable-vector-graphics-svg/ version trunk
shortcodes-ultimate/ version trunk
si-captcha-for-wordpress/ version trunk
stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/ version 5.9.3 (not active)
syntaxhighlighter/ version 3.1.10
WP Project Manager – Frontend version 1.2.1
WP Project Manager PRO Version 0.5.3
wp-fail2ban/ version 2.2.1
wp-piwik/ version
wp-status-notifier/ version 1.3.1

If you want me to test something in particular, just let me know! 🙂

Michiel Michiel

I’m seeing the same error jmdezigns says also without WOOCommerce. For example, I see:

WordPress database error Unknown column 'wp_posts.post_type' in 'where clause' for query SELECT wp_comments.* FROM wp_comments  WHERE comment_post_ID = '50' AND comment_approved = '1' AND wp_posts.post_type NOT IN('project', 'task_list', 'task', 'milestone', 'message')  ORDER BY comment_date_gmt DESC LIMIT 10 made by require('wp-blog-header.php'), wp, WP->main, WP->query_posts, WP_Query->query, WP_Query->get_posts

I’m using WP Project Manager PRO 0.5.3 and WP Project Manager – Frontend 1.2.1 with buddypress and other several plugins.

None of the fixes/workarounds suggested on this thread fix them, as they seem to be all applied in these versions (change 10 to 99 in /includes/functions.php is already done in my version, for example).

Do you have any idea how can I further debug this ?

Thanks a lot

July 2, 2014 at 4:36 pm in reply to: project page is blank 22753
Michiel Michiel

thanks, can text on dev site now. You should link to that docs tho, been looking for them for 20 mins… anyway, are we supposed to be able to post in the pro forums?

July 2, 2014 at 4:08 pm in reply to: project page is blank 22748
Michiel Michiel

same with Calendar and tasks pages – I made tasks and dates and they don’t display on the pages I assigned for those.

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